Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)

KPT/JPT (R/340/6/0494) 03/20 - MQA/SWA0110

Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce

KPT/JPT (R2/340/7/0169) 04/22 - MQA/SWA0120


The School of Business, Monash University Malaysia offers two types of research degrees pathway programs leading to the award of:-

  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce

Both programs are research intensive and pave a strong foundation for those on the pathway to the Graduate Research programs i.e. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master Degree by research (MPhil).

This research year of study allows students to undertake practical problems from a broader intellectual perspective. The major component of the program is the investigation and writing of a research report that is unlike anything experienced at the undergraduate level or within a coursework based Masters degree.

This program provides a structured introduction into the conduct of business and economics-related research at an advanced level. Participation in the program will develop technical and analytical skills, and reinforce critical and independent thinking.

Upon successful completion of this course it is expected that students will:

1. be a critical and creative scholar who:

  • produces innovative solutions to problems
  • analyses evidence and information in a systematic manner
  • communicates ideas and results effectively and perceptively to diverse audiences
  • acquires reflective skills conducive to the development of lifelong learning
  • is an independent scholar able to acquire and deploy new skills in a sound, evidence-based approach to business challenges

2. be a responsible and effective global citizen who:

  • engages in an internationalised world
  • exhibits cross cultural competence
  • demonstrates ethical values
  • accommodates competing viewpoints and achieves collaborative outcomes

3. demonstrate proficiencies and competencies in at least one discipline-specific area and be able to provide solutions relevant to the business, government and communities that you serve

4. be a committed scholar and practitioner able to collaborate with others to foster social responsibility.

5. have an ability to undertake research informed by advanced studies in their discipline

To add on, students who complete the program with first class or second class upper honours grade may be permitted to enrol in the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program without having to complete a Masters Degree by research.

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Course Selection

Both programs offer students the opportunity to undertake advanced study within the disciplines covered by the School of Business:

  • Accounting
  • Applied economics
  • Banking and financial management
  • Business analytics
  • Business law and taxation
  • Econometrics and business statistics
  • International business management
  • Management
  • Strategic marketing

The Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours) offers the opportunity to undertake advanced study within the disciplines offered by the departments of the School of Business. This program is especially recognised in the European region and Australia. Those who embark on this program are mostly students who have completed their undergraduate degree and immediately intend to pursue an additional year of research centered studies.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Commerce is designed to provide a structured introduction into the conduct of business and economics related research at an advanced level. The structure and objective of this program is similar to the Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours) program. However, it most often appeals to Masters by coursework holders who do not fulfill the research component requirement for entry to a Graduate Research program i.e. PhD or MPhil.

The learning goals associated with the program include:-

  • develop time management and communication skills
  • develop project management skills
  • develop critical thinking and research skills

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Application Process Flow

flowchart research

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Entry Requirements

To qualify for application, applicants must fulfill the following terms:

  • Complete the Bachelor of Business and Commerce at Monash University or an equivalent degree comprising of the major sequence in a business and economics related discipline (a minimum of 8 discipline units as part of an acceptable degree).
  • Obtain a minimum 70% average grade over level two and three of the undergraduate degree in specialised area of business units.
  • Successfully completed at least one (1) unit in statistics or econometrics as part of the undergraduate degree.
  • Students must satisfy the minimum English language requirements of the University. Please click here for more details.

Note: Due to the intensity of the program, no credit/unit exemptions can be granted.

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Intake & Fees

Intakes: Semester 1 (February) and Semester 2 (July). For upcoming intake dates, please click here.

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Program Structure

Duration: 1 year (Full-time)
Study Mode: On-campus

Semester Unit Code Unit Title Credits Earned
First Semester BEW4000 Research Methods 1 6 Points
BEW4010 Research Methods 2 6 Points
BEW4020 Directed Studies 1 6 Points
BEW4030 Directed Studies 2 6 Points
Second Semester BEW4100 Research Project and Report 24 Points

This unit aims to develop students' understanding of qualitative research, with specific focus on qualitative research philosophy, qualitative research design and qualitative research methods. This unit explores topics such as: paradigmatic approaches to research; research design; negotiation of access to research sites/participants; researcher ethics; methods of qualitative data collection such as observation, interviews, focus groups and non-intrusive data collection; methods of data analysis; issues of qualitative research validity; and qualitative writing.

An in-depth introduction to quantitative research methods. This subject is one of two that together supply the research methodology skills and knowledge necessary for students to complete an independent research project at the honours level. It provides a comprehensive coverage of quantitative research methodologies. Topics include: survey studies/correlational field studies; forms of regression; analysis of variances; discriminant analysis; factor analysis; non-parametric statistics.

BEW4020 & BEW4030:
Under the guidance of an academic supervisor, this subject allows a student to independently gain in-depth discipline knowledge in a selected area of business and commerce as a foundation to the completion of an honours project. The student will complete a prescribed list of readings, undertake further independent literature studies, and complete other learning activities and assessments considered appropriate for the selected field of study.

Students work under the guidance of a supervisor to plan, carry out, and report on an original research project that addresses a significant issues in business; this research project is likely to have substantial practical outcomes or implications; as well, it is hoped that students and supervisors will publish the work in an appropriate journal.

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Competitive scholarships are awarded based on academic merits. Scholarships are considered only when the student has been accepted into the School. Students may be invited to an interview before selection.

How to Apply:
The scholarship application process is incorporated within the submission of formal application process. Applicants can indicate their interest for scholarship by completing the relevant field in the ‘Supervisory Form’.
Application Outcome:
All applications will be reviewed by a dedicated committee within the School. The scholarship application outcome will be announced prior to the commencement of the intake. All decisions are final.

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Submission of Application

Application should be complete and consist of the following:-

  • Signed application form
  • Certified True Copies (CTC) of the following documents:-

- One copy of NRIC (for Malaysian applicants)
- One copy of Passport (the page containing personal & visa information, for International

- Academic transcripts (Secondary/Pre-U and Tertiary)
- English Proficiency Test(s)

  • Application Fee of MYR 100 (exempted for Monash University Malaysia graduates)
  • Supervisory Form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Research Proposal

To view the closing date for applications, please visit


  1. Please visit for the list of academic members of the School.
  2. Certified True Copies (CTC) of documents can be done at the Research Office provided the original documents are brought along.
  3. Applicants should get the supervisor(s) to sign and date the proposal before submitting the formal application.
  4. Refer to the ‘Forms & Guidelines’ header below for a copy of the application form, supervisory form, and guidelines for writing a research proposal.

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Forms & Guidelines

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For further enquiries, please contact:

School Research Manager : Ms. Kiew Suet Yin

Alternatively, please visit the School Research Office at:

Room No. 6-4-36
School of Business
Monash University Malaysia 
Jalan Lagoon Selatan, 47500 Bandar Sunway
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA
Operating hours : 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (Mon- Fri)
  : Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday (Closed)

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