Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours)

KPT/JPT (R/340/6/0494) 03/20 - MQA/SWA0110

Program overview

The Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours) offers you the opportunity to undertake advanced study in the disciplines offered by the School of Business. This program is especially recognised in the European region and Australia. Students in this program have usually just completed their undergraduate degree and immediately pursue an additional year of research-centred studies.

The learning goals associated with the program include:

  • develop time management and communication skills
  • develop project management skills
  • develop critical thinking and research skills

This year of research centred study allows you to tackle practical problems from a broader intellectual perspective. The major component of the program is the investigation and writing of a research report that is unlike anything experienced at the undergraduate level or within a coursework based Masters degree.

Merit scholarship

Competitive scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Scholarships are considered only when the student has been accepted into the School. Students may be invited to an interview before selection.

How to apply:

The scholarship application process is incorporated within the submission of formal application process. Applicants can indicate their interest in a scholarship by completing the relevant field in the ‘Supervisory Form’.

Application outcome:

All applications will be reviewed by a dedicated committee within the School. The scholarship application outcome will be announced prior to the commencement of the intake. All decisions are final.

Forms & Guidelines


If you have any questions about Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours) program in the School of Business please contact:

Ms Goh Kar Yan
Senior Administrative Executive