Message From the Head of School

Welcome to the School of Business

Prof Nafis AlamThe School of Business, building on the international strength and reputation of Monash University, was established in 1998 as part of the Malaysia campus. The School aspires to make meaningful impact and be a positive force of change by nurturing students and staff to be courageous and innovative thinkers and empowers them with tools, techniques and a mind-set to positively transform business and society.

We offer courses at undergraduate, post-graduate and graduate research degrees level across a range of business-related disciplines. Our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are designed for individuals seeking to establish, deepen or expand their expertise by building competencies and capabilities for the future needs of society. Our educational courses are influenced by the latest advances in research, technology and the world of industry practice to ensure students are equipped for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Through our strong links with industry, business and community we equipped our students with a deep yet broad understanding of what is current, relevant and right in the conduct of business. The aim is to help them to become highly capable business innovators of tomorrow, building both depth and breadth we empower our students to become leaders of their chosen profession. Our academic and professional staff passionately strive to nurture students to think with clarity, and act with purpose and conviction for the betterment of the region and society. For us, learning must go beyond memorisation of facts. We teach students to think, to lead, to innovate and to be stewards of the future.

Our staff are engaged in solving key issues and problems of the region through cutting-edge research in collaboration with industry, government and NGOs. Through research we create new knowledge on pressing issues of importance. We also use these research insights to help us curate transformative educational experiences for our students. Often our researchers lead conversations on key issues of importance to industry and society, and participate in the development of policies to help transform ideas to solutions. Our contemporary research standing and learning approach has led us to gain international accreditation by professional bodies, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), as well as industry and government recognition.

Whether you wish to be a graduate student, a postgraduate researcher or a faculty member, I invite you to join us on the journey to making a meaningful impact in the region through research, teaching or practice. Our student, professional staff and faculty members are constituted by citizens from across the world. Nurturing diversity and developing enduring relationships are integral to our sense of purpose. Come join us and help make a positive difference for the world.

Professor Nafis Alam
Head, School of Business