Industry Advisory Board

The Business School is committed to providing an education that prepares students for the current business environment and meets the needs of employers. To help us achieve this goal, we have an Industry Advisory Board that provides advice on the strategic direction of Monash Business and reviews its development. The Industry Advisory Board also conveys the needs of industry and the current state of business. Members of the Industry Advisory Board play an important role in advising and enhancing our programs, research professional practice and service to the community. We are pleased to have the following industry experts as members of our Industry Advisory Board.

  • Brief biodata and contact details for 12 IAB members could be based asking them to answer the questions below in one sentence. It would be good to let them know their answers will be edited.
  1. What is your current company, how long have you been there are what is your current role?
  2. How long have you been on the Industry Advisory Board and what special perspective or experience do you bring?
  3. How do you hope to contribute to the Monash Business School
  4. Email address: