PRME Champions

PRME Champions

Priya Sharma
PRME Director, Chapter PRME ASEAN+ Chair,
Lecturer, Department of Business Law & Taxation

Priya Sharma is an academic and the Director of PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education) in the School of Business at Monash University Malaysia, and the Chair of PRME Chapter ASEAN+. Her research interest is in humanity and the law. Priya has published in the Malayan Law Journal on the exploitation of children for labour and most recently, a book chapter on Covid 19 and the trafficking of migrant workers for forced labour by De Gruyter Studies in Global Asia. She is also currently pursuing her PhD titled "Trafficking of Migrant Workers for Forced Labour into Malaysia:- An Evaluation of the Malaysian Legislative Framework". In collaboration with stakeholders such as private higher institutions, NGOs and UNHCR, she has helped develop the CERTE (Connecting and Equipping Refugees to Tertiary Education) bridge course and most recently, the 3 Ev (Employability, Entrepreneurial Education Virtual) Program to empower refugee youth in Malaysia. She was also recently part of the Global PRME Planning Committee and a speaker at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit sharing insights integrating SDGs in teaching and research. Priya is also the recipient of the PRME Education Excellence by Monash Business Australia for 2020 and the recipient of the Monash Purple Letter for Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Vimala Kunchamboo
Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Profile: Dr Vimala Kunchamboo holds a PhD in marketing from Monash University. In 2015, she joined Monash University, Malaysia as a lecturer in the marketing department, School of Business. As an academic she has an established teaching experience in areas involving marketing and consumer behaviour. Dr Vimala is a qualitative researcher and her main research interest involves the areas relating to sustainability, specifically responsible consumption, food waste management and ecological identity.

Dr. Daniel Loy
Senior Lecturer, Department of Management

Profile: Dr. Daniel Loy is the Director of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Hub and Senior Lecturer (Practice) at the School of Business in Monash University Malaysia. Since joining the School in 2021, he has embedded components of the Sustainable Development Goals in his work, while actively highlighting the social role and impact in business. Before joining academia, Dr Daniel has helmed roles in corporate innovation, social innovation, and strategic planning in both corporate and government. He also champions and supports social enterprises through active mentorship, advocacy, and engagement.

Dr. Au Wee Chan
Senior Lecturer, Department of Management

Profile: Dr Wee Chan Au is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia. Besides teaching undergraduate and post-graduate courses at the university, Dr Au actively involves in empirical studies about the work and wellbeing of different working populations, including working professionals, social entrepreneurs, refugee entrepreneurs, migrant domestic workers and women entrepreneurs. She has published her work in edited books and leading scholarly journals. journals. She also advocates staying well while working hard, which has motivated her to co-develop a Wellbeing Toolkit for social entrepreneurs.