We will take a systemic approach to embed the SDGs into our curriculum and commit to supporting programs that enhance opportunities for students to learn from industry and government leaders engaged in responsible management practices.

Our Focus

  • Curriculum development and enhancement towards integration of Sustainability and the SDGs
  • Building professionalism and capability among academics to promote effective teaching and learning pedagogy in integration of Sustainability and the SDGs
  • Creating case studies on teaching and learning initiatives integrating Sustainability and the SDGs

Our Initiatives

Curriculum Development

Establishing new units such as BEW3001 (Ethics & Sustainability in a Business Environment) that integrate the PRME principles in teaching and learning to elevate our students' understanding of the global social responsibilities. Additionally, these units provide an unique opportunity that enables students to engage in dialogue with leading change makers within and outside of Malaysia.

PRME Seminar Series

Promotes industry and community engagement in addressing social and environmental challenges at the regional, national and global levels. Among the key areas addressed within this initiative is Empowerment and the Refugee crisis. The series focuses on the contribution of social enterprises towards the refugee community.

Student Experience - Sumaita Ahmed

Sumaita enrolled in a final year capstone unit to learn about ethical and sustainability issues in a business environment. Having founded a footwear company in her home of Bangladesh, Sumaita was eager to understand the opportunities and challenges of sustainable fashion to help her develop business and marketing plans that are geared towards sustainable consumption and that advances the SDGs.

As an intern with Bluenumber Foundation, I managed the B#-SDG Scorecard Report which tracks and measures SDGs from a beneficiary-centric perspective. Bluenumber helped me develop the skill to be able to recognize and identify the different multidimensional perspectives that are used for social reporting using SDG’s as a benchmark. Such involvement enhanced my understanding of ethics and sustainability in a business environment and motivated me to pursue my honours research thesis in sustainability.