Researchers at the School of Business will address contemporary challenges of the 21st century by finding innovative solutions that promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

Our Focus

  • Exploring and identifying thematic ideas for collaborative research relating to Sustainability and the SDGs
  • Supporting early and mid career scholars through research development workshops
  • Engaging with PRME Working Groups for the collective development of papers and publication.

Our Initiatives

Overview of Publications

The School of Business leads with a strong track record in high-quality research addressing regional and global challenges aligned with the SDGs.

Internal & external grants

The School of Business constantly engages and collaborates within itself as well as with various institutions to address the enigmas of the 21st century with SDG focused solutions.

Infrastructure & platforms

The School of Business provides world-class infrastructure and university wide-platforms that promote opportunities for multidisciplinary research in line with SDG’s. Below are the key infrastructures that have significantly contributed to our research efforts;

Gerontechnology Lab

Gerontechnology Lab which is dedicated to translating research into new products and services for the aging community as well as shaping a more inclusive public policy for geriatric healthcare.

SDG focus: SDG 3 & SDG 10

Neurobusiness Behavioural Lab

Neurobusiness Behavioural Lab is another revolutionary facility that applies neuroscientific and behavioural research to our most important business questions.Our researchers focus on applying high-level neuroscientific and behavioural research methods to social, economic and business topics including consumer behaviour, human emotions, and behavioural economics.

SDG focus: SDG 8