Collaboration & Engagement

Collaboration & Engagement

Engagement and collaboration to inspire entrepreneurial learning and experience.

  • Blocklime
  • Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21)
  • Health and Social Care Management Research Group (HSCMRG)
  • IEEE TEMS Malaysia Chapter
  • Monash Entrepreneurs Club (MEC)
  • Monash University Student Association (MUSA)
  • Monash Business School, Department of Management, Australia
  • Monash University Malaysia Master of International Business (MIB)
  • MoneyMatch
  • My Conceptual Robotics (MyCRO)
  • Petrosains, Centre of Learning & Innovation

Inviting entrepreneurship gurus and entrepreneurs to share experiences and insights on forums, talks and panel discussions.


Amy Blair

Founder & CEO, The Batik Boutique

Andrew Ooi

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Inspidea

Jason Chew

Managing Partner,

Imran Harith

CEO, Discover Muaythai

Narishvin Sukumuran

Partnerships Manager, iflix

Caroline Fong Abdullah

Founder and Director, CoffeeZone Malaysia

Kimberly Wan

Co-Founder and CEO, Otomate Me

Koh Mui Han

Principal Consultant and Managing Partner, ChangeDynamics Consulting

Joel Neoh

Founder, Fave

Max Sim

Founder, Brand Designer & Consultant, BPO [BePartOf]

Wong Xiao Cheng

CEO, Earth Heir

Mallory Loone

Co-Founder and Creator of Opportunities, Work Inspires

Teh Yong Lin

CEO, Kravve

Thomas Cheah

Principal CTO-for-hire of Procto

Tay Yen Pei

CEO and Co-Founder, Simplify Networks


Yuet Kim Lim

Co-Founder and CEO, PichaEats


Also including

  • Amelia Tan,Co-Founder and Managing Director, 100% Project by Ed Space Projects
  • Christian Edelmann, Co-Founder and CTO, dahmakan
  • Christy Ng, Founder,
  • Dr Ying Lu, Senior Data Scientist, Google
  • Jerryson Abraham Doss, Co-Founder and Director, Viva Odyssey
  • Prazzal Kumar Talukdar, Director Global Business, Matico Global
  • Rashvin Pal Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, The Biji-Biji Initiatives

Connecting with the community to learn, listen, and grow

  • Blocklime
  • Cavemen Global Sdn Bhd
  • Endeavor Malaysia
  • Fave Group
  • FutureLab
  • Genovasi Malaysia
  • Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad
  • Kravve
  • MaGIC
  • Malaysia Collective Impact Initiative
  • Melissa Lim & Associates
  • Omnimatics
  • Pearl Accelerator
  • Petronas Dagangan
  • Petronas ICT
  • Petrosains
  • PichaEats
  • PurpoSE
  • SearchGuru
  • Sime Darby Property
  • Simplify Networks
  • SMU, Lien Center for Social Innovation
  • Spots Logistics
  • Sunway Innovation labs (iLabs)
  • Supplybunny
  • Work Inspires Consultancy
  • WORQ Coworking Space

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