Design Thinking In Entrepreneurship

23rd February 2018

A one day DT workshop, applying human-centric methodology and process to creative problem solving.
The topic of the day was to look to “Cashless at Monash”

Design Thinking In Entrepreneurship

3rd - 4th April 2018

Encouraging students to collaborate in teams to solve problems using scientific thinking to achieve purposeful and meaningful outcomes. Ideate, Validate, Prototype and Pitch on “How to turn consumer products into smart products”

eiSpeaker Series: The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Are Entrepreneurs born or made

24th April 2018

In this age of automation and digital revolution, entrepreneurship has become a key driver of economic growth and development. While many countries are establishing national entrepreneurship ecosystems to nurture entrepreneurial thinking through education, many argue that entrepreneurs are a special breed, and are born with specific entrepreneurial DNA. Is it Nature or Nurture?

On the Edge Talks: Enterprises in the Digital Age

24th May 2018

Embracing digital disruption with open arms among agile and innovative enterprises today. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in today’s fast-evolving landscape? An evening session with Joel Neoh and Christian Edelmann as they takes us on an inspiring journey on what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s digital age.

Launch of eiHub’s Consultation & Advisory Sessions

23 July 2018

Have a burning question on entrepreneurship? We offer Monash students, staff and alumni the opportunity to connect with an Advisor to discuss ideas, challenges and how to move forward.

Launch of eiHub’s Incubation Workspace

6th August 2018

Create, build, share, or simply hangout with like-minded individuals who aspire to be innovative and wants to work on entrepreneurial projects. Meet mentors, advisors or form alliances and partnerships to support and help progress your ideas into impactful and successful enterprises.

On the Edge Talks: Technopreneurs 2K18

6th September 2018

Andrew Ooi and Narishvin Sukumaran share with staff, students and community on opportunities, strategies and success in building a technology intensive enterprise in the area of animation and gamification.

eiHub Women Entrepreneurs Bazaar

15th October 2018

In conjunction with our support of the Women Entrepreneurship Week with Montclair State University, to honor the resourcefulness and talents of women entrepreneurs all around the world, students and staff spend a fun-filled day engaging with 35 women vendors at a bazaar on campus.

On the Edge Talks: Women Entrepreneurs: Agents of Change

16th October 2018

An inspiring and captivating session from Yuet Kim Lim and Caroline Fong on Social Enterprises, sharing their insight and experiences to issues on empowerment, gender expectations, inequality and stereotyping in the business environment.

Teenpreneurs Bootcamp

29th October 2018

80 secondary school students aged 15-16 years start the morning with a 30 minute Muay Thai experience, then working with facilitators and mentors on learning tools to create, implement and grow a business plan and finally, pitch their business ideas to a panel of industry professionals.

UnConference - Technology for a New World

24th November 2018

Advances in new technology are blurring the boundaries between people, the internet and the physical world. Autonomous driven vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing are transforming how we live and work. The UnConference diverges from a conventional structured program towards a participant driven event. Participants are given the opportunity to drive the discussion, allowing greater freedom of movement and exchange of ideas with an informal peer to-peer sharing and learning sessions on topics to explore, hear and even witness how this convergence of the digital, physical and biological spheres is impacting entire industries and economies, and even challenges our notion of what it means to be human

Startup Weekend – SWKL @ Monash (Youth Edition)

30th November 2018 to 3rd December 2018

An event centered on action, innovation, and education with the aim to provide an opportunity for individuals to transform their ideas into action. 51 young aspiring entrepreneurs connected and met professional mentors and industry leaders with complementary skills and passion to guide and work with over an entire weekend, developing entrepreneurial mindset and skills towards launching their startups.