2020 Inspiring Entrepreneur Speaker Series (Imran Harith)

In support of MIB Unit - MKM5251 Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Imran shared insights to his background and experiences that inspired him to start Discover Muaythai, an enterprise that provides health and fitness training and services to individuals and corporate companies, but also with a social initiative to support underprivileged youths to lead a life of independence and dignity.

Students and staff were inspired and deeply moved by Imran’s passion to help and empower at-risk and troubled youths, taking them into his Discover Muaythai Academy on a 4-month rehabilitation program aimed at improving their socio-economic standing and self-development through values ingrained in art of Muay Thai such as discipline, self-confidence, respect, resilience, leadership and honour.

The founder of Discover Muaythai proudly shared stories on how some of “his boys” went on to establish successful careers as fitness instructors, reconnected with families and one even went on to win a silver medal at the SEA Games

At the end of the 60 minutes online session, Imran left students with this thought-provoking truth: “In business, it’s not just about making money, it’s about making an impact in the community.”

As a Social Enterprise, he says the word “Social” comes before Enterprise.

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