Entrepreneurial Skills Series


The Entrepreneurial Skills Series takes you from the basics of developing and validating ideas to exploring a range of prototyping approaches and understanding what makes an effective pitch all the way to discovering the value of business models and planning your way to entrepreneurial success.

This series is held twice a year, once in March and once in August.


  • Learn the basics of developing ideas
  • Explore how validation enables effective decision-making and better risk-assessment
  • Discover a range of prototyping approaches
  • Learn what makes a perfect pitch
  • Discover the strategic value of business models
  • Plan your way to entrepreneurial success

7 Modules Offered




Intro Module


Discover the basics of entrepreneurship through recognising the role of the entrepreneur against the entrepreneurial journey. The importance and value of innovation will also be explored.

Core Module 1


At the heart of any successful venture is an innovative idea. Explore the power of ideas and learn the basics of ideation in this module. Gain an understanding of the drivers behind the creative process and develop your ideation skills.

Core Module 2


Making the right decisions at the right time is a hallmark of successful entrepreneurs. Discover how validation enables effective decision-making and better risk assessment. Get the basics of validation right in this module.

Core Module 3


‘Fail fast, fail often’ describes the agile culture behind startups today. Embrace that spirit and see how prototyping has a key role to play. This module includes the theory, the means, and points the way towards building your first prototype.

Core Module 4


All enterprises have a story to tell, typically in 4 minutes or less. The pitch embodies the modern-day fairy tale in which the enterprise is the hero, slaying problems with grit, innovation, and flair. Get close with the prose around pitching with this module.

Core Module 5

Business Modelling

Develop a fundamental understanding of the function and role of business models, and its strategic value. Includes an introduction to using the Business Model Canvas.

Core Module 6

Business Planning

Explore the function of business planning from the context of purpose, process, and popular tools. Learn the value of planning in charting the future of any enterprise towards success.

Is this for you?

  • Monash University Malaysia students and alumni of Undergraduate / Postgraduate / PhD programs in any discipline.
  • External students of Undergraduate / Postgraduate / PhD programs in any discipline.
  • External participants who are seeking to acquire basic entrepreneurial skills.


RM50 per module (Note: Fees include 6% SST and are non-refundable)

More information is available here