Focus Group Room

Focus Group Room

Businesses and Government are increasingly using focus group research methods to elicit insights from consumers and citizens on issues, ideas, products and services.

In response, Monash built and launched a commercial-level focus group facility, operational since July 2012. The facility features a discussion room that can be configured for relaxed conversation, formal boardroom interaction or retail encounter; and  a viewing room fully equipped with advanced recording and audio technology.

Honours and PhD students have benefited from using the focus group room as research project leaders, participants or observers. Among other things, the room is regularly used for teaching postgraduate research methods, enriching the learning process through an experiential approach. These kinds of experiences creates competitive advantage for Monash graduates in the recruitment market.

The Monash education team also uses the room to elicit student and staff views of courses and programs, making a valuable contribution to campus development and improvement initiatives.

The focus group facility is a popular and useful addition to the Monash learning experience, adding real world know-how to the ‘know-what’ of theory.

Operational Hours:  Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (except Public Holidays)

To book the room or for further information, please contact the Operations Management Office (School of Business) at

We do not accept any external bookings at the moment due to the current COVID-19 situation.