About us

The "Neurobusiness" behavioural laboratory (NBL) is a research centre dedicated to human cognitive neuroscience with a special focus on applying high-level neuroscientific and behavioural research methods to social, economic and business topics. Researchers linked to the NBL are investigating a wide variety of topics such as consumer behaviour, behavioural economics, the neuroscience of decision-making, human emotions, cross-cultural differences in decision-making, usability testing and behavioural finance. Our facilities include high-density EEG setups, eye-trackers, psychophysiological measurement setups, advanced behavioural testing facilities, data servers, etc. These facilities are available to all research staff in the University, and they can also be hired to provide research services to external organizations.


This is a non-exhaustive list of Monash staff involved in the NBL activities.

Academic Staff

Research Assistant

Administration and Technical