Rules & Procedures

Rules for the utilization of the Neurobusiness lab (NBLab) and its resources.

1. Room booking and time slots allocation

Researchers wishing to use the NB lab and whose project has been approved by the NeuroBusiness lab scientific committee (NBSC) have to contact the technical team assisting the NB lab (James Tham, Simon Choy and Sir Jihadi), who will endeavour to provide the time slots necessary for the research project.

The technical team should be notified if the researcher no longer needs the requested slot. Relinquished slots can then be re-allocated to other ongoing projects.

If necessary, the process of time slots allocation will be overseen by the NBSC. The committee would also intervene when the total number of requests exceeds the number of available time slots (i.e. “shortage” of slots), in which case a decision might have to be made on the postponement of projects.

Booking of Time Slots

Projects approved by → Researchers to book time slot → NB Lab Technical Team to

NBSC                                                                                  confirm

Note : An e-mail needs to be sent to technical team for cancellation of timeslot

2. Feasibility of Grants / Projects using NBLab

The resources of the NB lab are limited, expensive and complex to use. Therefore, all ongoing and future projects taking place in the NB lab will have to be reviewed by a small scientific committee (the "NB lab Scientific committee" - NBSC).

Special attention will be given to the financial and logistical (e.g. time slots) costs of the project, as well as its scientific viability. The NBSC may stop or postpone an ongoing/proposed project from using the NB lab if the project is found to be not viable.

i) Grants

Grant proposals involving the utilization of the NB lab resources will also have to be evaluated by the NBSC in order to establish if (a) the investigators named in the grant have the necessary expertise to use the NB lab equipment; (b) if the project is scientifically viable from the point of view of the neuroscience techniques mentioned in the project; (3) if the project is feasible in terms of the lab time required. It is expected that these projects will be submitted to NBSC members for review via the School Research Office and/or Central Research Management. The approval of the project through the procedures above is a sine qua non pre-condition to use the NB labs and associated equipment.

ii) Projects

The submission of projects (other than grant proposals) to the NBSC is made by contacting the Director of the NB lab (Currently: Assoc. Professor A. Schaefer, email: ). The NBSC will endeavour to provide a decision within 3 weeks. Projects that are rejected by the NBSC will receive a feedback detailing the reasons for rejection, and researchers will have the opportunity to re-submit a revised version of their projects to the NBSC.

3. Utilisation of NBLab space and facilities

The NB lab has a long list equipment, including EEG systems, eye trackers, and many PCs / servers and thus prior to utilizing the NB lab equipment, researchers will have taken reasonable steps to obtain relevant training (see point #2 above).

The NB lab rooms can only be used for research purposes. This excludes, for example, student tutorials (unless the tutorial involves NB equipment, and that the tutorial has been approved by the NBSC), lab meetings and random storage.

Researchers working in the NB labs have to keep silent when an experiment is ongoing.

Equipment belonging to the NB labs (including software, dongles, PCs, electrode caps, manuals, etc.) should not be taken out of the lab rooms without prior approval from Director and/or Deputy Director of NB Lab.

No equipment or furniture or any large items should be brought in the NB labs without prior approval from Director and/or Deputy Director of NB Lab.

Lab doors have to be locked when the researcher leaves the lab rooms.