External Collaboration

The use of neuroscientific techniques is not limited to academic research, but they are also applicable for research that yields valuable business insights. For instance, eye-tracking devices have been used to investigate consumer perception towards Halal products, advertisement effectiveness, managerial decision making, employee motivation and productivity. The advancement of neuroscientific devises, such as mobile eye-tracker enables researchers to conduct study in a real-world setting. At Neurobusiness Behaviour Laboratory (NBL), we are committed to promoting the application of neuroscientific methods to research with both academic and business implications. To this end, we offer our lab services in the form of consultation and facilities to external institutions, such as tertiary institutions, government agencies, and corporate companies.

Procedure to commission research project

NBL works closely with other multidisciplinary schools and platform at Monash Unversity Malaysia to help address needs from different fields through empirically sound research. If you have further queries on how our lab services may help improve your research or business performances, you are welcome to get in touch with us through email. Alternatively, you may fill in the application form (link this to google form) if you already have a research brief/proposal through.

Once the complete application form is received, the NBL committee members review and approve the study. NBL will get in touch with you after the approval to discuss about the study design, timeline, and fundings in detail. At Monash University, all research conducted in the campus requires ethics approval to ensure that the study protocol adhere to the ethics requirements. After the ethics approval is received, the study will be carried out followed by data analysis and reporting.

Voon Cui-Ci (NBL Research Assistant)