Eye Tracker

Tobii Glasses
Model Identification Tobii Glasses - Mobile eye-tracke
Description of Capabilities Tobii Glasses is a wearable eye tracking tool, gives researchers the ability to capture truly objective and deep insights into human behavior in any real-world environment
Model Identification Tobii X120 - Flexible eye-tracker for mobile devices and video screens
Description of Capabilities Tobii X120 Eye Trackers offer flexible, real-world stimuli setup options, which enable you to measure how people view physical objects, projections and video screens. Accurate 120 Hz tracking delivers reliable results in a natural testing environment
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Model Identification Tobii TX300 - Flexible eye-tracker for wide screen monitor and video screens
Description of Capabilities The Tobii TX300 Eye Tracker sets a new standard for remote eye trackers. Its unique combination of 300 Hz sampling rate, very high precision and accuracy, robust eye tracking and compensation for large head movements extends the possibilities for unobtrusive research of oculomotor functions and human behavior. Tobii TX300 offers flexibility with numerous stimuli set-up and software options
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