Visiting Academics

The School of Business (SoB), Monash University Malaysia welcomes applications from academics to conduct
research-related activities in the campus for a period of 1 to 3 months. Visiting academics will be provided with an
office space with the respective research infrastructure, depending on the availability.


The visiting academic must have worked on and published in the specified research clusters of SoB. A detailed
research plan, with the activities to be conducted must be submitted during the application. The application should
contain the relevance of the visit, long-term collaborations and the benefits of the visit. Visiting academics will be
conducting research seminars and participating in research activities relevant to their expertise. Any research
activities conducted will be jointly done with academic(s) from SoB, with the condition that the visiting academic
cannot be the principal investigator for any project. Additionally, no data collection, specimens or samples are allowed
for foreign academics as the terms in the visa do not allow for such items.

Foreign Applicants

Foreign applicants who wish to enter Malaysia for a short period are required to obtain a Professional Visit Pass
(PVP) and a visa, where applicable, prior to entry into Malaysia. Monash University Malaysia will assist in the
application for the PVP, where applicable. The general processing lead time of PVP is 2 months.

Financial Support

Successful foreign academics will be provided with an honorarium. A return air ticket in economy class may be
provided, subjected to approval from the Head of School. Academics must secure their own research funding to cover
costs associated with visa applications, health insurance, accommodations, research-related costs, and other costs.
Any costs associated with the quarantine and medical tests will be borne by the academic themselves. Academics
are also required to make their own arrangements for housing and transportation. A letter of recognition will be
provided at the end of the visit.

Application Procedure

Please fill in the following link (note that a Google account is needed to fill the form). Visiting academics will need to
specify the duration and the expected outcomes of the visit. Missing information may cause delay in processing your
application. You may be contacted to provide further information. Results will be communicated to the applicants via