About us

The Education Management (EM) Unit which is a part of the Campus Education Office provides ongoing learning and teaching development programs for staff and students. Our team works in partnership with Schools, the Quality Assurance & Compliance Unit and the Office of the Vice Provost Learning and Teaching at Monash University Australia to implement the Better Teaching, Better Learning framework.

The Education Management team

The EM team provides advice and consultation on learning and teaching enhancement through innovative practices including technology integrated learning. EM comprises of the Education Development and Student Engagement which provide a range of education development services for staff and students at Monash University Malaysia. EM adopts a holistic approach to learning enhancement.

Education Development

Education Development initiatives are undertaken in partnership with Schools and departments. The Glocalization of Learning Speaker Series and the Education Innovators Forum are two initiatives that have successfully brought campus staff together on a multidisciplinary level.

Student Engagement Programs

Student engagement is encouraged through the Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program. The Program Coordinator on the Malaysia Campus is a certified PASS trainer. The PASS program was implemented in Semester 1, 2015 across four Schools (Business, Engineering, Science and IT). In Semester 2, 2015 PASS will be implemented in six units across two Schools (Engineering and Science).