Developing Moodle Skills for Educators and Education Professionals (MEEP) in Higher Education

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Demonstrating competency and mastery of skills is more important than ever-in today’s rapidly changing curriculum delivery approaches. Moodle is being used as a VLE in Institutes of Higher Education for a long time. However, Moodle has seen rapid changes over the years, making it more interactive and poised for Active Learning. The recent changes have allowed the educators to incorporate H5P interactive tools, which can even replace SCORM packages, LTI tools and incorporating multimedia enabled assignment submissions from learners.


Developing Moodle Skills for Educators and Education Professionals (MEEP) in Higher Education workshop is designed to support academics and professional staff in curriculum delivery and marking management through the VLE Moodle at various levels towards a wider goal of developing Moodle skills towards delivery of Flexible and Technology Enhanced Active learning experience for students. The workshop walks you through all the areas that you need to know in order to build your own teaching units, create assessments and grade reports, and administer interactive training for synchronous and asynchronous delivery. The workshop covers everything you need to design the course, build content, create discussion forums, incorporate outside multimedia materials, including text, graphics, audio, video, presentations, and more.


  • Enable lecturers to add content and combine activities into sequences that guide learners through structured learning paths
  • Add interactive and collaborative tools, such as H5P, forums, and multimedia content to create a rich learning environment
  • Create assignments and quizzes to evaluate learning progress and use the powerful Quiz module to take grading off your hands and push results to the grade book
  • Develop online grading and the grade book to simplify your classroom life

Target Audience

Educators or academic staff from local or international universities

Workshop Activities

Pre-workshop Activities

  • Explore   Moodle tools in action
  • Pre-workshop   survey
  • Explore   H5P tools in action

  • Workshop   Activities
  • Hands-on   training on Moodle File, Folder
  • Hands-on   training on Moodle URL, Label
  • Hands-on   training on Moodle Book
  • Hands-on   training on Moodle Quiz
  • Hands-on   training on Moodle Assignment
  • Hands-on   training on Forum
  • Hands-on   training on Moodle Feedback
  • Hands-on   training on creating groups
  • Demonstration   of completion progress block in Moodle
  • Demonstration   of moving/deleting/hiding activities and resources in Moodle
  • Explanation   of Gradebook fields
  • Hands-on   training on Gradebook
  • Hands-on   training on H5P tools
  • Hands-on   training on embedding H5P tools
  • Discussion   time and introducing other Learning Technologies and SCORM package

Post-workshop Activities

  • Create   a quiz in Moodle using 5 different question types
  • Create   a forum in Moodle
  • Create   an assignment in Moodle using rubrics

Reminder for participants:

❖ Bring your own laptop and charger for use during the workshop.

❖ Bring your Mobile Phone for OKTA verification.

❖ Complete all the pre-workshop and post-workshop activities.