Competency Test

Competency Based Self-Evaluation Test for Moodle and other Learning Technology Skills

Education Excellence has designed a Competency Based Self-Evaluation Test for academics and professional staff at Monash Malaysia to support all Monash Malaysia staff in curriculum delivery through the VLE Moodle at various levels towards a wider goal of developing basic skills of all MUM staff towards delivery of  Flexible and Technology Enhanced Active learning experience for students.


The main purpose of the test is to assess whether an academic or a professional staff has the level of competency necessary to deliver curriculum content through the LMS, Moodle. The specific objectives are,

Candidates should be able to:

  • create content and combine activities into sequences that guide learners through structured learning paths.
  • create interactive and collaborative tools, such as H5P, forum, and multimedia content to create a rich blended learning environment.
  • create assignments and quizzes to evaluate learners’ progress and use the powerful Quiz module.
  • develop online grading and the gradebook to simplify marking management for various formative and summative assessment activities.