Moodle Skills for Educators and Education Professionals (MEEP)

Enrol in our ‘Moodle Skills for Educators and Education Professionals (MEEP)’ course. It is an MEA CEED recognised blended learning course designed to support academics and professional staff to develop Moodle skills. These skills are aligned with the provision of  Flexible and Technology Enhanced Active learning curriculum delivery and marking management using the different tools available in the VLE Monash Moodle at various levels to enhance the student experience. The module utilizes a blended approach within a MOODLE LMS itself with online pre-session primers and activities, followed by a hands-on learning-by-doing approach. The face-to-face sessions in this module walks participants through all the Moodle tools and skills  required to build their own teaching units, create assessments and grade reports, and administer interactive training for synchronous and asynchronous delivery.  The Module covers building content, creating discussion forums, incorporating external multimedia materials, including text, graphics, audio, video, presentations, and H5P content within Monash Moodle. The module consists of 13 short sessions in a blended format with face - to face sessions spread over 2 days. The activities and assessments in the module are aligned with the Monash Focus Education agenda in terms of developing skills to design and enrich  units with Moodle based activities and resource types.

Do you want to…

make your Moodle unit page ever-interactive and poised for Active Learning?

demonstrate competency and mastery of skills in most of the Moodle tools, which is more important than ever-in today’s rapidly changing curriculum delivery approaches?

incorporate H5P interactive tools, which can even replace SCORM packages, LTI tools and incorporating multimedia enabled assignment submissions from learners?

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Target audience

  • Academics new to Monash University
  • Academic staff levels A-E
  • Teaching associates (sessional tutors, demonstrators and casual academics)
  • Professional staff engaged in learning and teaching
  • Graduate researchers who teach.

Module hours

  • Online: 12 Hours
  • Face-to-Face sessions: 12 Hours


  • Dr Arkendu Sen
  • Dr Amuthageetha Nagarajan

Learning outcomes

Module 1:Using Basic, Course Management and Analytics Tools in Moodle (12 Hours)

  • Recognize the general, administrative and course management features of the Learning Management System, Moodle and be able to maintain key features
  • Create folders, upload files and create weblinks for resources in Moodle
  • Create labels and multiple page resources in Moodle, inserting text and multimedia
  • Create groups and allocate group members on Moodle
  • Develop a survey and an online forum
  • Explain the features of Engagement Analytics and Completion Progress bar in Moodle.
Module 2: Using Moodle for interactive Teaching and Assessment (12 Hours)
  • Create online quizzes and assessments in Moodle
  • Set-up web-based gradebook in Moodle
  • Create H5P based interactive resources and activities in Moodle.
  • Embed various interactive learning technologies  in Moodle