PASS Sessions

Join the PASS program where experienced students facilitate discussions on concepts, ideas and study skills.

Available PASS for S2, 2020

School of Business

  • ACW1120 Financial Accounting 1
  • ACW2120 Financial Accounting 2
  • ETW2410 Introductory Econometrics

School of Engineering

  • ENG1001 Engineering design: lighter, faster, stronger
  • ENG1002 Engineering design: cleaner, safer, smarter
  • ENG1005 Engineering mathematics
  • ENG1090 Foundation mathematics
  • ENG2005 Advanced engineering mathematics
  • MEC2404 Mechanics of fluids
  • MEC2405 Thermodynamics
  • MEC3416 Engineering Ddesign 2
  • MEC3459 Materials selection for design
  • CHE2161 Mechanics of fluids
  • CHE2162 Material and energy balances
  • CHE2163 Heat and mass transfer
  • CHE2166 Introduction to process simulation

School of Information Technology

  • FIT1008 Introduction to computer science
  • FIT1045 Algorithms and programming fundamentals in python
  • FIT1047 Introduction to computer systems, networks and security
  • FIT2004 Algorithms and data structures
  • FIT2102 Programming Paradigms
  • FIT2014 Theory of computation
  • FIT2099 Object oriented design and Implementation
  • MAT1830 Discrete mathematics for computer science
  • MAT1841 Mathematics for Computer Science

Department of Psychology

  • PSY1022 Psychology 1B
  • PSY3062 Research methods and theory

School of Pharmacy

  • to be announced

School of Science

  • CHM1051 Chemistry 1 advanced
  • ANT1800 Introduction to anatomy and medical terminology

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