Assoc. Prof. Vineetha Kalavally

Associate Professor
School of Engineering
+603 5514 6253
Room 2-4-26

Personal statement

Dr Vineetha is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering. She leads a research group focused on Solid State Lighting. In her role as the director of the ‘Intelligent Lighting Laboratory’, she has created a research environment that thrives on industry engagement, interdisciplinary involvement and international collaborations. She has achieved high quality research outcomes such as publications in Q1 journals and the securing of two large industry grants.

Dr Vineetha has pioneered teaching and learning approaches using flipped classrooms, interactive teaching using audience response systems, and virtual reality tools in laboratory training. She is currently a co-investigator in an ongoing learning space development project – Smart Lab for Engineering Design (SLED) – the first of its kind on both the Malaysian and Australian campuses and a chief investigator in another study on the - Impact of lighting on learning in classrooms.

In her role as the Course Coordinator for the Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, she endeavors to improve the rigor in a diverse set of course management processes with the aim of improving student learning experience.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Monash University Australia, 2012
  • MSc in Radio Communications and High Frequency Engineering, University of Leeds, 2002
  • Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Regional Engineering College, Calicut University, India

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

  • MyCIE, Malaysia International Commission on Illumination, Deputy Director, Division 6

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • IET, Chartered Member (CENG)

Research Interests

In my research on Intelligent Lighting Systems, I apply Color Science fundamentals and Intelligent lighting control to solid state lighting (SSL) with an industry focus and the goal of realising energy efficient human-centric lighting systems. She has developed a unified approach for high quality lighting system design which optimises visual and non-visual qualities of light. Keeping in mind the wide adoption of LEDs for lighting needs, this research is highly relevant to the Malaysian SSL industry which is one of the Key Economic areas and prime movers of the economy identified by the Malaysian government.

Research Projects

Title: Wearable Circadian Lux Meter

This project aims to establish an accurate wearable light spectral sensor. It is designed to be worn by users daily to log the spectral power density of light exposure. Using the spectrum, the device computes 5 types of lux values and backed on to a cloud via a mobile app. The resulting data can be used in studies to determine the impact of the light exposure on the human circadian rhythm (biological clock).

Title: Light driven visual inspection system

This project aims to establish an object classification system which takes advantage of active lights. A classification framework complimented by task-specific illumination that can be rapidly adapted to account for changing classification requirements is under development.


Units taught

ENG1002 - Engineering Design: Cleaner, Safer, Smarter

ECE4809 - Solid State Lighting

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Local grants

  • Highly configurable context-aware human-centric smart lighting system, V Kalavally (PI), CP Tan, A Schaefer, S Haque, 2018-2020, Itramas Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., RM 250,000
  • Quality of light – impact of visual and non-visual effects, V Kalavally (PI), CP Tan (Prj Leader), J Parkkinen, S Haque, A Schaefer, 2016-2019, CREST, RM445,000

Current supervision

Saw, Yi Jiau

Quality of light – impact of visual and non-visual effects


Monash University Malaysia

Ng, Kok Eng

Color over angle as a standard for luminaires


Monash University Malaysia

Lee, Shan Eng

Prognostics and Health Montoring for Lighting as a Service


Monash University Malaysia

Mohamed Anas

Circadian rhythm modeling for optimal light control


Monash University Malaysia

Abeysekera, Sanush Khyle

Light Driven Visual Inspection System


Monash University Malaysia

Completed supervision

Tang, Samuel Jia Wei

Mobile Control of Intelligent Lighting Systems


Monash University Malaysia

Karunatilaka, Dilukshan Ajith

Wavelength Division Multiplexed Visible Light Communication Performance under Illumination Constraints


Monash University Malaysia

Chew, Ivan Ken Yoong

A Novel Framework for a Wireless Smart Lighting System


Monash University Malaysia

Local Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • ITEX 2018 (Bronze): Wearable Circadian Lux Meter - ITEX, 2018

International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • Guest Editor: Special Issue on Smart Lighting - Journal of Applied Sciences, 2018