Dr Mohammed Ayoub Juman

School of Engineering

+603 5514 4421
Room 5-5-06

Personal statement

Mohammed Ayoub Juman is a Lecturer in the Mechatronics Discipline under the School of Engineering at Monash University Malaysia. His research interests are focused on Agricultural Robotics, Automation, Machine Vision, Machine Learning and Neural Networks, with the main focus being on introducing automation into agricultural areas. His past research focused on the creation of a navigation system for an autonomous mobile robot designed to function in Oil Palm Plantations.

His research goal is to help improve the standard of living of people via smart systems as well as to help industries that could use automation to combat a lack of labour force. This could also impact agricultural areas where new research on machines, sensors or data processing techniques can result in better growth of crops, higher yields and better management of plantation areas.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia, 2019
  • Master in Mechatronics Engineering (Hons), University of Nottingham Malaysia, 2014

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

  • Board of Engineers Malaysia, Graduate Engineer

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • The Institute of Engineering and Technology, Member

Research Interests

My research is motivated by a desire to contribute to the betterment of human life by the introduction of automation where applicable. My goal is to help those areas that could be improved by automation that currently suffers from a lack of manpower or resources. The main aim is to help those individuals or industries increase their productivity while using their current workforce, instead of replacing them. My research methodology involves the use of machine vision and learning techniques, as well as mobile robots and sensors in applicable areas, either indoors or outdoors, especially in an agricultural domain. My current primary focus is on the application of automation to oil palm plantations, as a continuation of the work done during my doctorate.


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Juman, Mohammed Ayoub; Wong, Yee Wan; Rajkumar, Rajprasad Kumar; Kow, Ken Weng; Yap, Zhen Wei; , 2019, An incremental unsupervised learning based trajectory controller for a 4 wheeled skid steer mobile robot, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, (385-392), Volume: 85, Issue Number: 09521976, 10.1016/j.engappai.2019.06.023

Juman, Mohammed Ayoub; Wong, Yee Wan; Rajkumar, Rajprasad Kumar; Goh, Lay Jian; , 2016, A novel tree trunk detection method for oil-palm plantation navigation, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, (172-180), Volume: 128, Issue Number: 01681699, 10.1016/j.compag.2016.09.002


Juman, Mohammed Ayoub; Wong, Yee Wan; Rajkumar, Rajprasad Kumar; H'Ng, Cong Yuan; , 2017, An integrated path planning system for a robot designed for oil palm plantations, IEEE Region 10 Annual International Conference, Proceedings/TENCON, (1048-1053), Volume: 2017-December, Issue Number: 21593442, 10.1109/TENCON.2017.8228012

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