Dr. M.E. Raghunandan

Senior Lecturer
School of Engineering

+603 5514 5679
Room 5-4-60

Personal statement

Dr. Raghunandan (Raghu) joined Monash University in 2013 as a Lecturer and was later promoted to Senior Lecturer starting 2016. Prior to joining Monash University, Raghu had worked at the University of Regina, SK Canada as a post-doctoral fellow (2011-12). He also had an opportunity to work at the University of Saskatchewan, SK Canada as an exchange student with support from the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program in 2011. Raghu has a PhD degree (2007-11) from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Raghu's research leadership, in a broader sense focus mainly in hazard assessment, investigating and developing ground improvement solutions under various loading (dynamic and earthquake loading), and environmental (oil contamination and green materials in soils) conditions. His research contribution and achievement are establishing sophisticated, state-of-the-art experimental research facilities in the discipline, in-addition to securing reputed publications, competitive grants, and PhD supervision. The key research facilities thus established, under experimentation include (a) laboratory scale soil column facility to study the contaminant transport through soil, (b) 1g experimental model to study the resonance and attenuation behaviour of vibrations generated by the machine foundations. Please refer to Raghu's publications, grants and research supervision sections of this faculty-page for more information.

During his 6 years teaching experience at Monash, Raghu has been teaching various subjects to the undergraduate students including engineering structures, mechanics of solids, and geomechanics. At advanced levels, he has been teaching design units including the foundation engineering and integrated (capstone) design. Being one of the pioneer faculty members of the newly established civil engineering discipline (2014) in Monash University Malaysia, the subjects listed (except Engineering Structures) were offered for the first time (2014-17). Hence Raghu had the responsibility of managing things for the first time, which he has successfully managed, with support (lecture materials and resources) from Monash University Australia.

Academic degrees

  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Monash University, Malaysia, 2016
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Geotechnical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, 2011
  • Master in Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering), Bangalore University, India, 2007
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), Visvesvaraya Technological University, India, 2005

Professional affiliations

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • Engineering Council, UK, Chartered Engineer
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK, member
  • American Society of Civil Engineers, USA, Associate member
  • International Society for Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering, ISSMGE, Member
  • American Society of Civil Engineers, India Section, Life member
  • Indian Geotechnical Society, India, Life member

Research Interests

  • Soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Behavior of soil under pavements and machine foundation
  • Ground improvement
  • Environmental Geotechnology
  • Green materials in soil

Research Projects

  • NA


Units taught

CIV4212 - Civil and environmental engineering practice

CIV4249 - Foundation engineering

CIV3247 - Geomechanics II

CIV2247 - Geomechanics I

CIV2206 - Mechanics of Solids


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Local grants

  • Development of GIS-Geodatabase for modelling relationship between soil properties and Ganoderma disease incidence in oil palm plantation, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, Izni Zahidi, Hamzah Arof, Idris Abu Seman, Mohamad Izzuddin Anuar, 2018, Monash-Industry Palm Oil Platform, Monash University Malaysia, RM20,000
  • Development of a bi-functional vibration control layer for road paving blocks, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, Kenny Tan Boon Thong, Surya Nurzaman, 2018, Advanced Engineering Platform, Monash University Malaysia, RM25,500
  • Movement of leachate through compacted clay liners using local clay deposits: Fundamental mechanism and suitability, Vivi Anggraini, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, Wu Ta Yeong, Afshin Asadi, Bujang Bin Kim Huat, Kim Har, 2017-2020, FRGS, RM100,000
  • Dynamic User Equilibrium with Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram for Disaster management and emergency evacuation, Susilawati, Hung Yew Mun, Kuang Ye Chow, Siti Zaharah Ishak, Amin Talei, Meead Saberi, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, 2015-2019, FRGS, RM141,900
  • Effect of Social, Cultural, and Economic Factors on Students' Learning Sentiments in a Higher Institution of Learning, Shahriar Kabir, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, Anuja Dharmaratne, Sylvester Olubolu Orimaye, Ooi Ean Hin, Bahman Amini Horri, Chang Wei Sea, 2015, Seed grant, School of Business, Monash University Malaysia, RM 6,000
  • Movement of contaminant (palm oil) through soil: Ground-water pollution and management, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, Tey Beng Ti, 2015, Advanced Engineering Platform, Monash University Malaysia, RM10,000
  • Deciphering the mechanism of coagulation for starch, a Potential replacement of chemical coagulant, R. Nagasundara Ramanan, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, Wu Ta Yeong, 2015, Seed grant, School of Business, Monash University Malaysia, RM7,000
  • Seismic Hazard Assessment of Soil Deposits from Peninsular Malaysia: Fundamentals of Earthquake Resistant Design, Mavinakere Eshwaraiah Raghunandan, Biswajeet Pradhan, Zainuddin Md Yusoff, Tan Boon Thong, 2013-2016, FRGS, RM98,000

Current supervision

Jayesree Nagarajan

Development of process for production of lycopene and pectin from pink guava by-product

2015 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Sreejith Parippayiillath

Probabilistic risk assessment of climate change induced landslides in Malaysia

2016 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Shi Jun Loi

Vibration isolation of foundation using oil palm shell (OPS) composite layer

2017 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Emmanuel Endene Che

Experimental and numerical investigation and analysis of residual soils for clay liner applications

2017 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Yong Lee Li

Investigation of leachate transport through residual soil liners in municipal solid waste landfills

2017 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Subhashini Anandan

Suitability of rubberised oil palm shell eco-composites as an effective vibration control layers in soil

2017 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Completed supervision

Choy Sook Yan

Screening, isolation and utilization of plant-based natural coagulants for water purification and microalgae harvesting

2013 - 2017

Monash University Malaysia

Anirudh Subramanya Sriraam

Effect of palm oil on the compressibility and hydraulic properties of kaoli

2013 - 2018

Monash University Malaysia

Daniel Weijie Loi

Seismic hazard assessment of peninsular Malaysia using far field and intraplate earthquake sources

2014 - 2018

Monash University Malaysia

International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • First rank in 4th Year Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) degree - Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum, India, 2005
  • Winner of the Earthquake Engineering Quiz - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering, India, 2006
  • Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program - Canadian Bureau for International Education, 2010