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School of Engineering

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Personal statement

There have been a big shift in transport planning and management recently in which transport planning is no longer focused on constructing transport infrastructures instead focused more on providing reliable transport services and improving accessibility. An integrated, well-coordinated and reliable traffic systems is needed. Dynamic traffic modelling which incorporate time dependent traffic demand and supply generated from readily available big data enable to better manage urban transportation. To tackle the challenges, a multidisciplinary intelligent and smart transportation ecosystem project is currently undergoing which aims to smoothen traffic flow in by reducing commuter heavily reliance on road traffic through voluntary travel demand management.

Our research also focus transport network vulnerability to mitigate negative impact of road disruptions. Various effects of road disruptions scenarios have been investigated and a dynamic traffic model which incorporate traveler behavior during disruption is developed. We are currently working on dynamic road vulnerability modelling funded by FRGS MOHE.
At the lower level of traffic planning, we are also developing mesoscopic traffic modelling based a cell transmission model (CTM) is also introduced. This model has been extended to model lane changing in coordinated setting of urban arterial and assess the effect of occurrence of lane changing to overall transport network performances.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Transportation Systems Engineering, University of South Australia, 2012
  • Master in Transportation Systems Engineering, University of South Australia, 2007
  • Degree in Geodetic Engineering (Hons), Gadjah Mada University, 2001

Professional affiliations

  • NA

Research Interests

Reliability, vulnerability, traffic, transport planning, active demand, GIS.

Research Projects

Title: Dynamic User Equilibrium with Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram for Disaster management and emergency evacuation

This project aims to develop Dynamic User Equilibrium (DUE) model with Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram for large scale disaster evacuation planning using Malaysian context, 2; To develop DUE large scale emergency evacuation planning involving evacuees's behaviour response and route choice, 3; To propose conceptual model of responsive disaster management tool for evacuation process. The large scale Kuala Lumpur traffic model was developed and several evacuation scenario with evacuee route choice modelling were tested.

Title: CTM based lane change model – freeway and urban arterial

This project developed a refined CTM-Based lane change model by deploying lane change logistic regression model and introducing stochastic CTM with lane change to accommodate randomness in traffic demand. The proposed model has been tested using US Freeway data and Bandar Sunway arterial roads.

Title: Sustainable Intelligent Transport Ecosystem

This project aims to develop an incentive based active travel demand management to reduce car use and promote active transport in order to reduce GHG emission and promote sustainability. The project will mainly looks into several scenarios to reduce car use and promote active transport in Bandar Sunway where Monash University Malaysia campus is situated. Meso-scopic traffic modelling was developed to assess benefits of introducing financial incentives relating to mode choices and route choices. To reduce carbon emission due to stop & go and standstill traffic at selected junctions, camera-based coordinated and adaptive traffic signal was also develop. The team has also investigated the potential of autonomous and shared autonomous vehicle to reduce number of cars in Bandar Sunway. To promote active transport in Bandar Sunway, a rigorous public transport accessibility and walkability assessment through pedestrian walkway audit and scoring have been conducted.

Title: Aging and Urban Mobility in Bandar Sunway

This project aims to facilitate aging community in Bandar Sunway in relation to adopt sustainable transport systems. The public transport accessibility and walkability assessment for aging population will be conducted. The relationship between active transport and health will be further explored by a project team from School of Medicine. The team has extensively used Bayesian network for several application including travel time prediction using expert knowledge continuous Bayesian model by utilizing traffic data generated from SCATS. An accident prediction using Multilevel Hierarchical Bayesian was also developed. The future application of Bayesian for pedestrian modelling and crowd management have been explored as well.


Units taught

CIV2282 - Transport and Traffic Engineering

CIV4284 - Transport Systems


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Local grants

  • Aging and Urban Mobility in Bandar Sunway: A holistic approach, Dr Susilawati, 2018-2020, Monash University Malaysia, RM250,000
  • Sustainable Intelligent Transport Ecosystems, Dr Susilawati, 2017-2019, Monash University Malaysia, RM250,000
  • Australia Malaysia Travel Grant, Dr Susilawati, 2017, Monash University Malaysia, RM16, 500
  • Cooperative vehicle and traffic control systems for smart city transportation network - Proof of Concept and Lab Scale Prototyping, Dr Susilawati, 2017-2020, Advanced Engineering Platform, RM30, 000
  • Dynamic User Equilibrium with Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram for Disaster management and emergency evacuation, Dr Susilawati, 2015-2019, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, MOHE, RM141, 900
  • Dynamic and responsive road network vulnerability assessment at wide-area degradation, Dr Susilawati, 2015, Monash University Malaysia, RM25, 000
  • Non-stationary statistical traffic modelling and prediction – Synthesis of map matching with Big Data methodology, Dr Susilawati, 2015, Monash University Malaysia, RM15, 000

Current supervision

Christina Ng

An Integrated Modelling Approach to study the effect of  Driving Behaviour on Traffic Emissions at Signalised Intersections

2016 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Loi Shi Jun

Suitability Of Oil Palm Shell Composites For Vibration Isolation In Soil Subgrades

2017 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

Chun Chin On

Thermal & Mechanical Properties of Concrete Incorporated with Paraffin-Oil Palm Kernel Shell Composite

2017 - Present

Monash University Malaysia

International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • Australian Road Research Board Young Researcher, Australian Road Research Board, 2010