Ir. Dr. Lim Jen Nee Jones

Course Director (Mechanical Engineering)
School of Engineering
+603 5514 6217
Room 5-4-46

Personal statement

Dr. Jones graduated with BEng (Mechanical) and PhD degree from Monash University. She started her career serving as a lecturer at Monash University mainly in coordinating Engineering Design Units while getting involved in industrial engagements with local industry partners. Her research interest ranges from design analyses in automated systems, thermal energy storage tanks, concrete formwork to instrumentation in pile testing and engineering education. She was one of the early adopters of Flipped Learning in School of Engineering to improve the quality of delivery in engineering design units.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Monash University, 2012
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Hons), Monash University, 2003

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

  • Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Professional Engineer

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers UK, Chartered Engineer

Research Interests

  • Design and Development of Mechanical Systems
  • Engineering Education through Blended Learning

Research Projects

Title: Design and developement of Mechanical Systems

Projects include design analysis and development of agricultural systems, thermal energy storage systems and form work for precast concrete products.

Title: Engineering Education through Blended Learning

Continuous improvements on enhancing student learning through implementation of Flipped Learning, online learning systems, industry-based unit content and projects.


Units taught

MEC2402 - Engineering Design I

MEC3416 - Engineering Design II


Chew, Esyin; Jones, Lim Jen Nee; Wordley, Scott (2018) “Flipping or flapping?” investigating engineering students’ experience in flipped classrooms, On the Horizon, (307-316), Volume: 26, Issue Number: 10748121, 10.1108/OTH-04-2017-0014

Lan, Boon Leong; Jones, Lim Jen Nee (2005) Balancing act: Students explore their understanding of forces, Physics Education, (204-206), Volume: 40, Issue Number: 00319120, 10.1088/0031-9120/40/3/F02


Jones, Lim Jen Nee; Akmeliawati, Rini; Tan, Chee Pin (2010) Automatic aircraft landing control using nonlinear energy method, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Control Applications, (2142-2147), 10.1109/CCA.2010.5611294

Jones, Lim Jen Nee; Tan, Chee Pin; Man, Zhihong; Akmeliawati, Rini (2009) Preliminary design of sliding mode controller for angular positional tracking of an aircraft, Proceedings of 2009 7th Asian Control Conference, ASCC 2009, (483-488),

Jones, Lim Jen Nee; Akmeliawati, Rini; Tan, Chee Pin (2008) Aircraft automatic maneouvering system using energy-based control technique, IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), Volume: 17, Issue Number: 14746670, 10.3182/20080706-5-KR-1001.1850

Tan, Chee Pin; Teoh, Kok Soo; Jones, Lim Jen Nee (2008) A review of Matlab's SISOTOOL; features and contributions to control education, IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), Volume: 17, Issue Number: 14746670, 10.3182/20080706-5-KR-1001.2873

Jones, Lim Jen Nee; Akmeliawati, Rini; Tan, Chee Pin (2006) Roll and yaw stabilisation using nonlinear energy method, 9th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, 2006, ICARCV '06, 10.1109/ICARCV.2006.345124

Local grants

  • Project 117 - Precast Concrete Project, Prof. Khu Soon-Thiam, Dr. Lim Jen Nee Jones, 2017-present, Sunway Concrete Products (M) Sdn. Bhd., RM100,000

International grants

  • MEA Small Grants, Dr. Lim Jen Nee Jones, February - December 2017, Monash Education Academy, AUD5000

Completed supervision

Nicholas Wong Wai Hong

Assessing Learning Engagement Using Humanoid Robots in Higher Education


Monash University Malaysia

Local Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • PVC Awards for Excellence in Education - Innovations in Teaching, Monash University Malaysia (Campus Level), 2019
  • School of Engineering Award for Education Excellence (Open Category), 2018
  • Weir Minerals Judges Prize - Warman Design and Build Competition (Student team), 2017

International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • Engineering Dean’s Award for Programs that Enhance Learning - Monash University (Faculty Level), 2016