Ir. Dr. Mohd Zulhilmi Paiz

School of Engineering
+603 5514 5812
Room 5-4-57

Personal statement

Dr. Zulhilmi received his BEng and PhD degrees from Monash University, Australia. His PhD research revolved in the area of imaging techniques and experimental fluid mechanics. Having worked in start-up and multi-national companies before, Dr. Zulhilmi had extensive exposure in the industry. Before joining Monash, he served in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) where he conducted multiple engineering consultancy projects for various agencies for government and private sectors particularly in non-destructive assessment technology. Throughout his academic career, he has secured a total of more than RM 1 million worth of grants as principal and associate investigator. He is also a registered Chartered and Professional Engineer in Malaysia (IEM), United Kingdom (IMechE) and Australia (IEAust), while serving Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) as one of the panels in accreditation exercise.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, Monash University Australia, 2015
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Hons), Monash University Australia, 2009

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

  • Institution of Engineers Malaysia, Member
  • Hemophilia Society of Malaysia, Committee Member
  • Youth Science Network - Academy Science Malaysia, Member

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • Institution of Engineers Australia, Chartered Professional Engineer, APEC Engineer, International Professional Engineer (IntPE)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Chartered Engineer

Research Interests

Academic: Velocimetry imaging technique, stratified flow behavior, experimental fluids

Industry: Non-destructive assessment, application of machine learning for data interpretation and decision making

Research Projects

Title: Wake dynamics and instability model in near-boundary  Stratified flow for wind turbine array design optimisation

The adoption of renewable energy sources in power production, particularly wind, is increasing around the world in effort to relief the dependency to depleting conventional sources. The growing needs of clean energy has intensified studies in wind turbine design and flow behaviour, allowing its technology and efficiency to grow significantly. As a result, various types of wind turbine for different wind conditions have been developed. However, turbine array, arranged in close proximity, produces multiple interactive vortices originating from upstream turbine tips. These instabilities are difficult to control and can strongly influence the operation and efficiency of the system. To some extent, the induced vibrations affect its mechanical integrity thus reducing its fatigue life. Additionally, the vortices within the boundary layer, complicate the analysis and limit the optimal operating envelope of the turbine. Therefore, this present research is aimed at investigating the wake dynamics and instabilities within wind turbine array as the primary approach to optimise turbine performance for wider operating conditions. Visualisation work will be conducted to capture comprehensive wake behaviour immersed in stratified, boundary layer flow. The analysis of the wake evolution, in terms of perturbation and turbulent motion, enables the quantification of related stress tensor and mixing length that will lead to the development of a turbulent model. In ensuring the model’s applicability in various operating condition, modal expansion will be done that integrates turbine’s geometry and performance data. Then, the instabilities will be further investigated for the establishment of adaptive turbine model. The improved understanding of wake dynamics within stratified boundary layer enables wake meandering and velocity deficit recovery strategies to be realised, while reducing instabilities towards enhancing turbine’s efficiency, adoptability and reliability.

Title: Real-time algorithm of dynamic cutting tool degradation through cross correlation analysis of phase contrast velocimetry

Cutting mechanism has been one of the key important elements in engineering design. The extensive study in cutting tool monitoring system demonstrates the importance of cutting bit condition in effort to ensure the quality of the machined product and reduce the down time, hence the productivity, of the machine. As a result, various monitoring systems for both online and offline, have been developed. However, the practicality of the system is rather limited. This is due to the fact that the system, either requires some complex formulation and calibration, or detachment of the parts at the expense of valuable time. Therefore, this present research work is aimed at investigating the cross correlation analysis of velocimetry measurement as the primary approach to detect and measure the tool degradation. A non-intrusive image-based system is adopted for online data acquisition. From the online image acquisition system, the tool edge image enhancement is determined using phase contrast method. The cutting edge image is divided into smaller interrogation windows as a mean to improve the sensitivity of the analysis. As the tool degrades, the cross correlation pattern between the images at different time is established and the correlation peaks that associate with the degradation of the tool is determined. With better understanding of the formulation to enhance the cutting edge, an effective online monitoring system can be realised, which subsequently optimise the cutting process, machine productivity and tool life.

Title: In‐situ tomographic diagnostic tool through incident wave mode conversion for near‐field inspection

Defect assessment is an important element in quality inspection. Development of tools for non‐destructive evaluations (NDE) demonstrates the cruciality of the measurement in characterising an object of interest. Furthermore, accurate assessment could save cost and enhance the productivity of the company. However, the applicability of current system is rather limited. Most of current assessment techniques can only assess the surface topology of the structure. Additionally, the lack of contrast in acoustic impedance imposes a constraint in the structural evaluation. Therefore, this research work is aimed at the design and development of structural diagnostic device. Acoustic‐ based imaging technique is adopted for data acquisition. From the signals obtained, the contrast is enhanced through spatial filter, intensity loss and time lag in Fourier space. The non‐uniformity topology is characterised through the constructive interference between the incident wave mode (Rayleigh and Lamb) and mode conversion for near‐field inspection. Tomography reconstruction is subsequently constructed to physically simulate the structure topology. Correlation peak characterisation between healthy and defect structure enables the defect‐signal classification. The development of a novel structural diagnostic device enables efficient and accurate in‐situ health evaluation of the green composite drill string, subjected to operational environment. Hence, the optimisation of the drill string development in terms of material design and processing can be realised.


Units taught

MEC2402 - Engineering Design I

MEC2408 - Advanced Engineering Technologies


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Local grants

  • Image-based wear-rate measurement through cross correlation technique, M.Z. Ismadi, Jan 2018 - Dec 2019, Monash University Malaysia: School of Engineering Seed Grant, RM30,000
  • Implementation of team-teaching in a large class through a Flipped Learning Approach for an Engineering Design Unit, M.Z. Ismadi, J.N. Lim, S. Wordley, Dec 2018, Monash University Malaysia: Education Travel Grant, RM6000
  • Real-time algorithm of dynamic cutting tool degradation through cross correlation analysis of phase contrast velocimetryM.Z. Ismadi, S. Kamaruddin, A.R. Othman, Nov 2015 – Dec 2017, Ministry of Higher Education: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, RM 76,200
  • Visualization model of instabilities dynamics in discontinuous stratified flow in pipeline, A.R. Othman, M.Z. Ismadi, S. Kamaruddin, Nov 2015 – Oct 2018, Ministry of Higher Education: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, RM119,000
  • Rate of penetration (ROP) and wear performance of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Drill Bit in a hard formation configuration, S. Kamaruddin, A.R. Othman, M.Z. Ismadi, Nov 2015 – Oct 2017, Ministry of Higher Education: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, RM 71,450
  • In-situ tomographic diagnostic tool through incident wave mode conversion for near field inspection, M.Z. Ismadi, S. Kamaruddin, A.R. Othman, A. Ekhwan, N.W. Zulkifli, Nov 2016 – Oct 2019, UTP Foundation: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, RM 132,200
  • The effectiveness of preventative maintenance planning based on grouping approach tailoring for the oil and gas industries, S. Kamaruddin, A.R. Othman, M.Z. Ismadi, Nov 2016 – Oct 2019, UTP Foundation: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, RM 133,800
  • Design and development of semi-automatic tube bending mechanism, M.Z. Ismadi, S. Kamaruddin, A.R. Othman, Sept 2015 – Mar 2016, Ministry of Higher Education: Public-Private Research Network, RM 50,000
  • Improvement of handling, cooling and sealing mechanisms, M.Z. Ismadi, S. Kamaruddin, A.R. Othman, Sept 2015 – Mar 2016, Ministry of Higher Education: Public-Private Research Network, RM 50,000

International grants

  • InMotion - Innovative Teaching and learning strategies in open modelling and simulation environment for student-centered engineering education, S.A. Sulaiman, S. Hassan, M. Awang, J. Kurnia, M.Z. Ismadi, M. Baharom, A.R.A. Aziz, Oct 2016 – Oct 2019, ERASMUS+: Capacity Building in Higher Education, EUR 101,500

Current supervision

Mohd Baidhowi Badri

Wake dynamics and instability model in near-boundary stratified flow for wind turbine array design optimisation


Monash University Malaysia

Nur Hafzareen

Modelling of instability dynamics in discontinues 2-phase stratified flow in pipeline


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Amirul Aliff

Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) drill cutter design in hard formation configuration


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Completed supervision

Maziyah Sukeri

In-situ tool wear rate measurement for drill bit

2015 - 2017

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

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