Ir. Dr. Oon Cheen Sean

School of Engineering
+603 5514 6155
Room 5-4-72

Personal statement

Oon Cheen Sean joined Monash University Malaysia as a lecturer in year 2019.  He holds Dual-Ph.D. degree jointly offered by Liverpool John Moores University, UK and University of Malaya, Malaysia. His research interests include heat transfer, fluid mechanics, nanomaterials, fouling and computational fluid dynamics. Previously, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya. To date, he has published more than 14 journal articles, filed a patent, participated in over 10 International conferences and won a gold medal award in Malaysia Technology Expo.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Liverpool John Moores University
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  University of Malaya
  • Master in Engineering Science, University of Malaya

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

  • Board Of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Professional Engineer

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Chartered Engineer
  • The Higher Education Academy, Associate Fellow

Research Interests

My research focuses on heat transfer, fluid mechanics, nanomaterials, fouling and computational fluid dynamics.  My recent focus is on the enhancement of heat transfer media to improve the turbulent convective heat transfer performance. I have also worked on fouling/anti-fouling research of heat exchangers using carbon-based materials.

Research Projects

Title: Convective Heat Transfer To Colloidal Suspension Fluid Flow In Different Geometry Conduit

A mixture of different small particles in a base fluid has been used as a method to enhance the rate of heat transfer for various heat transfer instruments. One of the reasons is the thermal conductivity of metal and carbon nanostructures exhibiting much higher thermal conductivity than base fluids. Present research investigates the impact of functionalized colloidal suspension on heat transfer. Our aims are to develop heat transfer media and modify conduit geometry to improve the turbulent convective heat transfer performance. Moreover, we will conduct investigation on heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics in various heat exchanger geometries to obtain enhanced heat dissipation. Both the experimental and numerical studies will be performed to evaluate the characteristics of different colloidal suspensions. The current research will reduce carbon footprint, create economic benefit and protect the environment. The project proposal will be submitted to the next round of FRGS application. We also work closely with University of Malaya and the National Energy University.

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Local grants

  • An experimental and simulation of heat transfer to turbulent separation fluid flow in a concentric pipe, Dr. Oon Cheen Sean, September 2012 – September 2014, University of Malaya, RM32,000.00
  • Convective heat transfer to colloidal suspension fluid flow in an unique geometry conduit, Dr. Oon Cheen Sean, 1 January 2020 to  31  December 2021,  SEED Grant,  RM24000.00
  • Synthesis of Colloidal Aqueous Suspensions for Heat Transfer Enhancement and Application in a Unique Annular Configuration Flow Passage, Dr. Oon Cheen Sean, 1 November 2020 to  31  October 2023, FRGS,  RM127560.00

Current supervision

Wang Yanru

Heat transfer and fouling mitigation investigations of heat exchanger with different nanofluids


Sayshar Ram Nair

Convective Heat Transfer To Colloidal Suspension Flow In Different Conduit Geometry


International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • Gold Medal Award, Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE), 2011 - Exhaust Air / Wind Energy Recovery System