Mr. Khoo Boon How

Assistant Lecturer
School of Engineering
+603 5514 6232
Room 5-5-12

Personal statement

Khoo Boon How is an Assistant Lecturer in Mechatronics Engineering. He is undertaking research in soft robotic area, such as soft grippers, soft robot arms, etc. He is keen to explore how soft robots can be used in the manufacturing sector. He is also a international TRIZ expert with Level 3 TRIZ Practitioner certification from MATRIZ (03/01719/A-03). He has developed the first TRIZ syllabus in Malaysia, for university students to practice the steps to design innovative solutions. This syllabus is currently taught to engineering students at Monash University Malaysia where students generate ideas to solve problems given by industry partners.

Academic degrees

  • Master of Engineering Science (Research), Monash University Malaysia, 2008
  • Degree in Mechatronics (Honours), Monash University Malaysia, 2005

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

  • Board Of Engineers Malaysia, Member

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • Malaysia TRIZ Innovation Association (myTRIZ), Member

Research Interests

My primary research interest is in the area of soft robotics. I am particularly interested in the design of soft grippers and soft robot arms, and their industry applications. Soft grippers has the flexible and adaptive characteristic by default. They are specialised in pick and hold objects of various shapes and sizes. I am keen to explore the application of soft grippers in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector, and design customised soft grippers for different industries. Soft robot arms is a complement to the functionality of the soft gripper. Soft robot arms has the ability to change its own shape and dimension during its operation. This characteristic makes it a good option for search and rescue robots, robots working in compact space environment, etc. Soft robotic device, both grippers and arms, requires simple actuation with minimal control signals. Therefore, the complete soft robotic device is simpler in nature, easier to control and easier to operate.

Research projects

Title: Soft Robotic Manipulators for Industry Applications

This project aims to design soft robotic manipulator consist of soft robot arm and omnidirectional soft gripper. Soft manipulator expands the dimension of operation of conventional robotic manipulator that has rigid links. This soft robotic manipulator will have the capability to pick and place objects of different shapes, different sizes, and different rigidity. This project will conduct experiments to study the specifications of the soft manipulator and continue to improve the capability of the soft manipulator based on these studies.

Title: Brain Signal Processing and Classification Using Image Processing Methods

This project aims to use image processing methods to process and classify brain signals. This approach considers brain signals as interrelated in two dimensional signals. This approach provides the opportunity to use two dimensional features for feature selection. This project explore the formation of image data from the multi-channels brain signals. Image processing algorithms and artificial intelligent algorithms will be used to process and classify P300 brain signals, as well as motor imagery signals.


Units taught

ENG2801 - Leadership and Innovation

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Completed supervision

Kokum Weeratunga Gayanath

Player Position Detection and Movement Pattern Recognition for Automated Tactical Analysis in Badminton


Monash University Malaysia

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