Dr Lutfi Kurnianditia Putri

Research Fellow
School of Engineering

+603 5514 6000
Room 5-2-18

Personal statement

Dr. Lutfi Kurnianditia Putri received her B.Eng. (Hons.) and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Monash University in 2014 and 2018, respectively. She then worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Chemical Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia. Currently, she is continuing her research journey as a research fellow in the School of Engineering, Monash University Malaysia. She is an aspiring researcher who is active in the field of functional materials, nanotechnology, catalysis and solar energy harvesting. To date, Dr. Lutfi has published over 20 scientific papers in high impact journals such as Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. She currently holds an h-index of 14 with over 1200 citations.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering, Monash University Malaysia, 2018
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering (Hons), Monash University Malaysia, 2014

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

Research Interests

Solar radiation can be regarded as a virtually infinite source of clean energy that are freely available to harness. To better picture its massive scale, solar light energy striking the Earth in 1 h is roughly equal to the total global energy consumed annually. My research therefore seeks to resourcefully tap this solar energy to mobilize a panorama of reactions, which can assist in alleviating current environmental and energy crises. These reactions encompass the degradation of pollutants, CO2 reduction to solar fuels and water splitting, to name a few. As materials play an indispensable role to the catalytic performance, my research activity involves the judicious engineering and design of advanced nanomaterials to yield high solar conversion efficiencies. My materials of interest include, but not limited to, carbon-based nanomaterials, quantum dots, 2D nanostructures and metal dichalcogenides. Apart from materials fabrication, my research also aims in elucidating property-activity relationship through studying light-induced mechanisms at the fundamental level. With the hope of accelerating solar technologies deployment in the near future, I am currently working on the design of a PV-PEC solar water splitting device to attain high solar-to-hydrogen (STH) conversion efficiencies and commercial viability.

Research Projects

Title: Design of a PV-PEC tandem device for spontaneous solar water splitting

Reaching net-zero carbon emissions by the mid-century requires, uncompromisingly, a clean energy transformation. Hydrogen (H2) has especially secured its foothold as a clean fossil-fuel alternative as it hosts high gravimetric energy density, generates water as its only combustion by-product and provides a solution for the intermittency of renewables. Solar-driven hydrogen (H2) evolution offers a carbon-free H2 production route but is generally plagued with low efficiencies which impede practical applications. This project will specifically explore on the PV-PEC configuration to accomplish spontaneous water splitting on account of their commendable solar-to-hydrogen (STH) efficiencies. Furthermore, such configuration can also leverage on the current downtrend in the cost of PV, which can overall tally to a high practical merit. Several design parameters in the PV-PEC device will be investigated in this project, including the photoanode, HER cathode and process conditions, which will all be tailored with the goal of approaching a high STH while minimizing overall system cost.


Local grants

  • Development of mucoadhesive emulsion system for controlled delivery of nutraceuticalsLim, H. P. (PI), Chan, E. S., Jun 2018 - Dec 2019, Industry Linkage Support Scheme (MIPO Monash), RM 19,000
  • Scale-up production of spray-dried Pickering emulsion containing palm tocotrienols Chan, E. S., Lim, H. P., 2019 - 2020, Prototype Research Grant Scheme (MOHE), RM 80,000
  • Sustained oral delivery of palm tocotrienols using mucoadhesive Pickering emulsion approach: An investigation on the types of Pickering emulsifier on the in vivo bioavailabilityLim, H. P. (PI), Chan, E. S., Iekhsan Othman, Ammu Kutty Radhakrishnan, 2020 - 2021, TMB Seed Grant Scheme 2020 (TMB Monash), RM 10,000

International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

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