Mr Anas Mohamed

Research Fellow
School of Engineering
+60 3 5514 6000
Room 5-2-18

Personal statement

I am currently working as a Research Fellow at the Intelligent Lighting Laboratory under the School of Engineering. My research interests are in the area of developing optimal lighting solutions for the non-visual effects of light.

Academic degrees

  • Master in Engineering Science (Research), Monash University Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering), Monash University Malaysia

Professional affiliations

  • NA

Research Interests

My research interests are on Intelligent Lighting Systems. I design and develop miniature spectral sensors to characterize light exposure of humans and apply optimal control of luminaires to realize practical human centric lighting systems. With the relatively recent discoveries about the non-visual impact of light on humans, this research has potential public and commercial impacts.

Research Projects

Title: Optimized Lighting Schedules for Circadian Entrainment

This project aims to generate optimized lighting schedules for a group of individual with different circadian parameters to quicken their circadian entrainment without negatively impacting each other.

Title: Miniature spectral sensor

This project aims to develop a low-cost miniature spectral sensor that can sample visible light at an accuracy comparable to a laboratory standard spectral sensor


Local grants

International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • (Under Progress)

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