Civil Engineering

CIV4210 & CIV4211 – Final Year Projects A & B 


The project units CIV4210 and CIV4211 are a challenging opportunity to pursue an individual project independently and are likely to require extended effort. The two units together include a preparatory literature review and developmental work such as design, construction and programming. Students choose a project that interests them, and are assigned to a single supervising staff members.

Learning outcomes

After the completion of this unit, students will be able to:

1. Develop a plan for their investigation/research which addresses four broad issues:

  • Why undertake the project? Students should be able to explain the relevance of the work and how it relates to research/practice needs in the discipline.
  • What will be the scope of the project? Students should be able to develop a concise statement of the specific aims/objectives of the work and how that addresses a knowledge gap.
  • How will the project be undertaken? Students should be able to describe the main tasks to be undertaken and identify the resources required to complete the project.
  • When will the work be undertaken? Students should be able to develop a work plan for the project which identifies the timing for each primary task.

2. Undertake the research, demonstrating a capacity to:

  • follow the identified tasks according to the plan, making adjustments as required to respond to project outcomes so that the project objectives are still met.
  • critically assess their own performance in managing the project. 

3. Effectively report, both orally and in writing, on the research, giving a clear account of: 

  • project aim and context,
  • sources of data/information and adopted methodology,
  • project outcomes, their usefulness and limitations


The assessment comprises three components which reflect the objectives outlined above:

  • Proposal
  • Interim Research Report
  • Final Report
  • Oral Presentation 

Contact Hours

6 hours of lectures in a semester and 20 hours of laboratory work and private study devoted to research and report writing per week.

Introductory Remarks

Civil Engineering Student with minimum 120 credit points and have an average > 70% are eligible to enrol this unit.  The unit consists of project work, skill workshops and seminars. Learning in this unit is mainly through the self-guided project which has a number of components which build to form the final report. Project Preferences are submitted via a survey link towards the start of Semester. 1 Project allocation is announced at the 1st week of Semester 1. This mechanism gives students opportunity to discuss their projects with their supervisor, and receive advice on literature review / project planning at the early Semester 1. 

It is student’s responsibility to negotiate directly with the nominated supervisor regarding details of the research topic and arrangements for supervision.  Appointments for meetings with the supervisor should be made at regular intervals (preferably weekly) to ensure adequate feedback.  As an absolute minimum, meetings with the supervisor should be scheduled at the following stages of the project:

  • prior to finalisation of proposal,
  • at important milestones of the research,
  • for discussion of structure and content of final report and oral presentation.

For all laboratory and field based projects, a compulsory risk assessment and laboratory induction process must be undertaken by the students.  Any work involving human or animal experimentation must have ethics approval. Please consult with your supervisors for details.  Failure to do a risk assessment or get ethics approval may result in a mark of zero being awarded for the subject.

An introductory lecture on research project, expectations and assessment, including some advice on the poster presentation and also library training on online searching and reference (end note) will be given in Week 1. A one hour lecture on research methodology focusing on how to do literature review and research method will be given in week. Two research writing lectures on how to prepare the interim report and final report will be given in week 6 semester 1 and 2 respectively while lecture on how to give an oral presentation will be given in Week 10 semester 2.

Once you are enrolled in project units, visit Moodle on a regular basis to keep yourself updated about course requirements and deadlines. For further enquiry, please email the Final Year Project Coordinator, Dr Kong Sih Ying at Room 5-4-50, Tel: (+603) 5514 5889, Email: