Course Structure

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) is a four-year degree course with the first year being a common first year and streaming into the various engineering branches occurring at second level. These notes will assist you with your enrolment and will provide some useful information about the various units/subjects that you will encounter in the first two semesters i.e. the first year of the course.

Unless you have been formally granted exemption, you will be required to pass eight units/subjects in order to complete the first year of study - four in each semester. Each unit/subject is assigned 6 credit points so that a pass in the first year will result in the accumulation of 48 credit points - one quarter of the total 192 credit points required for the degree.

The general structure of the common first year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) is as set out below.

Level 1Credit Point
Core Units (must be taken by all students) 
ENG1001Engineering design: lighter, faster, stronger6
ENG1002Engineering design: cleaner, safer, smarter6
ENG1003Engineering mobile apps6
ENG1060Computing for engineers6
ENG1005Engineering mathematics 6
Engineering electives (select three units) 
ENG1021Spatial communication in engineering6
PHS1002Physics for Engineering6
ENG1090Foundation mathematics *6
CHM1051Chemistry 1 advanced6
ECE2071Computer organization and programming6
ECE2072Digital systems6
MEC2404Mechanics of fluids6
MEC2405Thermodynamics         6
TRC2001Introduction to systems engineering6
ENG2801Leadership and innovation 6
FIT1045Introduction to algorithms and programming6

Programming fundamentals in java


Any student from a one-year pre-U programme, who did not do advanced mathematics and did not score above 80% in basic mathematics, needs to take ENG1090.

E3001 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Recommended Electives for Students who Have a Specialisation Preference

  • Level 1
  • Level 2 to 4