Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

ECE4094 & ECE 4095 - Thesis Projects A & B


The project units (ECE 4094 and ECE 4095 combined) are a challenging opportunity to pursue an individual project independently and are likely to require extended effort. The two units together include a preparatory literature review and developmental work such as design, construction and programming. Students choose a project that interests them, and are assigned to a single or a team of supervising staff members.

Learning outcomes

After the completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  • explore in greater depth a chosen field of engineering with a practical emphasis
  • demonstrate an ability to self manage and organize and to investigate and evaluate a problem of interest
  • demonstrate an ability to logically assess different alternatives and investigate prior work in the field of interest, compare and contrast such work to develop a solution to a problem of interest
  • explore the importance of self-sufficiency and self-review of efforts and outcomes
  • demonstrate skills acquired during the course of the degree in an area of interest to the student and supervisor and use the tools and equipment applicable in the chosen area with greater efficacy
  • relate findings and outcomes to a panel of review


Two semester long project work which consists of the following assessment components:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design Document and Mid Semester Progress Report
  • Mid Semester Presentation
  • Final Thesis Report
  • Final Presentation

Contact hours

Private study 12 hours consisting of researching and reading, meetings with supervisors, attending training workshops, preparing documentation and doing project work.

Introductory Remarks

All level four students must engage in a final year project (FYP). Moodle is the official website for ECSE project management. Once you are enrolled in project units, visit Moodle on a regular basis to keep yourself updated about course requirements and deadlines. Students seeking to do projects are advised to discuss their interests with members of staff and make a joint decision on the choice of topic.

The supervisor will then update Moodle accordingly to formalize the project allocation. Closing date for the project selection is Friday, Week 1 of the semester. For further enquiry, please email the Final Year Project Coordinator, Dr Narayanan Ramakrishnan at Room 2-4-37, Tel: (+603) 5514 6256, Email: ramakrishnan@monash.edu