Mechanical Engineering

Final Year Project A (ENG4701) and Final Year Project B (ENG4702)


Develop and conduct of a specific research or other open-ended projects, which may involve literature search, experimental design, equipment design, equipment commissioning, experimentation, troubleshooting, problem solving, data gathering, analysis and interpretation of data, oral and written reporting.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of these units, you should be able to:

  1. Research relevant and reliable literature to evaluate the state of the field.
  2. Analyze a problem, and evaluate the potential of a solution or experiment.
  3. Appraise a complex engineering problem, and investigate it using appropriate research methods and techniques.
  4. Integrate foundational and discipline specific knowledge to solve complex open-ended problems.
  5. Plan the scope and requirements of a research project or experiment, responding to changing requirements and potential interdisciplinary inputs.
  6. Generate research and technical outputs by applying appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering tools to a complex open-ended Engineering problem.
  7. Demonstrate consideration of the ethics and norms which guide engineering practice, including professionalism, innovation and creativity.
  8. Assess the social, health, safety, legal, cultural, commercial and political impacts of the identified project, as appropriate.
  9. Assess the sustainability of your project within the appropriate discipline context, with consideration of the relevant sustainable development goals and indicators.
  10. Synthesize the progress and outputs of your project through professional engineering reports and presentations to a range of audiences including the community and industry.


Continuous assessment: 100%.
2 semesters long project work which consists of the following assessment components:
  • Project proposal, risk assessment & literature review
  • Progress report
  • Final report
  • Presentation

Contact hours

Minimum total expected workload to achieve the learning outcomes for this unit is 144 hours per semester typically comprising a mixture of up to 2 hours of scheduled learning activities and 10-12 hours independent work devoted to research and report writing per week.

Introductory Remarks

The project will be based on a research or industry problem. You will bring in necessary learning while actively undertaking this project. Final Year Project B (ENG4702) is a continuation of ENG4701 Final year project A. The aim of the units is to provide an opportunity for you to undertake a substantial individual research project. Projects undertaken will integrate and build on content from earlier stages of the course.  A suitable project will be allocated before the semester break. Students should discuss their projects with their respective supervisors, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, receive advice on literature review/ project planning. Visit Moodle on a regular basis to keep yourself updated about course requirements and deadlines. For further enquiry, please email the Final Year Project Coordinators