Mechanical Engineering

MEC4401 & MEC4402 - Final Year Project and Final Year Project-Thesis


MEC4401 Final Year Project and MEC4402 Final Year Project - Thesis are 2 final-year units that are also known as Final Year Project (FYP). They are an essential part of the Mechanical Engineering degree that all students must satisfy. The objective of FYP is to ensure that students have adequately demonstrated their preparedness to perform their duties as qualified professional engineers after graduation.

It provides students with challenging opportunities to independently pursue and complete projects based on research and industry practice under limited supervision from academic staff members. It is the culmination of the Engineering Degree Course.

Assessment: Full semester project-based work (100%)

Contact hours: Full semester project-based work


In these units, students undertake a self-guided learning task in the form of a project. It is a full year project of either a major design, theoretical, or experimental investigation. The project can involve a review of the literature, laboratory experimentation, analytical work or numerical simulations. The project may be undertaken either within the department or externally with an industrial company or research organization. Although most projects will have a research orientation and would be university-based (FYP-UB), students are encouraged to participate in industry-based projects (FYP-IB). While some projects may benefit from group based work it is expected that students will work individually on each project. For assessment purposes, students are required to submit a research proposal, progress report, research paper and a final report outlining the research work completed and to take part in seminar presentations.

Final year projects are generally nominated by academics in the school and may include industrial projects. For these projects, you should consult with the nominating academic in order to obtain his/her agreement before committing yourself. However, this is not the only mechanism to set-up a project that might interest you. For example, if you are thinking about an engineering topic which you wish to study in detail, and you are passionate about it, you should discuss it with suitable academics in the school who may have relevant expertise in that area, and who may be interested in supervising that topic. Similarly, you may consult with engineers in industry to find a project of interest to you and to an academic in the school who may wish to act as the project's academic supervisor. In all these situations, the Academic Supervisor plays a central role not only in supervising your work but also in communicating your performance to the school.

All projects (both FYP-UB and FYP-IB) require the direct involvement of an Academic Supervisor from the school. In consultation with your prospective Academic Supervisor (and your Industrial Supervisor where applicable), you are required to register and indicate your project preference via the FYP Registration Form to the Final Year Project Coordinator or the FYP On-Line Administrative System by the end of Week 1 of your first semester of enrolment (when you are enrolled in MEC4401).


Your performance in the FYP will be based on a Research Proposal, a Progress Report, a Final Report, a Research Paper, and an Oral Presentation. These are the required assessment tasks that you must complete satisfactorily.


These will be made available during Week 1 of the semester.

For further enquiry, please make an appointment with the MEC Final Year Project Coordinator, Dr Darwin Gouwanda at Room 5-5-18, Tel: (+603) 5514 5655, Email: