Mechatronics Engineering

The Robotics & Mechatronics Final Year Project spans across two consecutive semesters, providing an opportunity for students to undertake a substantial individual project with strong mechatronics content. In order to complete the project, studies from earlier stages of the course will be integrated into a complete design/build/test task, a computer modelling or simulation task or a combination of both. It is envisaged that the project may involve design of mechanical components, sensing, actuation and computing elements, a simulated model or similar.

In the first semester (coded TRC4000), the student will complete a research proposal or requirements analysis to ensure that the scope and expected outcomes of the project are agreed between student and supervisor. A progress report at the end of the semester will give a detailed account of progress and a research plan for the next semester.

In the second semester (coded TRC4001), students continue from the previous semester to further develop their project. At the end of the semester, they make public presentations of their projects, to evaluate their ability to articulate their projects (products) to technical and non-technical audiences. They also submit a research paper, which exposes them to the training of academic research practice. A final report at the end of the semester will give a detailed description on the problem statement, methodology, and case study of the project. All the projects progress will be recorded in a logbook.