Engineering Re-enrolment Guide 2019

Specific Unit Enrolment

  • If you have not passed all of the units for February (Semester 1) 2018 (or any other semester), or you have been given credit exemptions, see the Engineering Re-enrolment Guide 2019 (Section A).
  • If you have passed all of the units to date or you are a July 2018 intake or October 2018 intake student, click on the respective category below for the specific units for your intake:


If you do not re-enrol during the allocated period (8 October to 28 November 2018), you will be:

  • barred from accessing WES (Web Enrolment System)
  • charged a late re-enrolment fee (if you are allowed later to re-enrol)
  • at risk of losing your place in your course
  • required to contact your Course Manager if you wish to continue your studies at the University