Engineering Re-enrolment Guide : Section A

For students who have NOT passed all units to date or have been given exemptions/credits.

You should discuss your unit selection and study program with the respective Course Directors (refer to this link). If you follow one of the intakes’ normal set of units, your timetable will not clash. Please also refer to the unit offerings listing and course structure to plan your study program.

Failures in units

If you previously failed any of those units which are no longer offered, please see the respective Course Directors for advice and obtain a formal special prescription in order to confirm the replacement units.

Repeating units

  • You have some options as to when you repeat the failed units. However, do take note of the semester offerings and any ‘old’ units which may be phased out and no longer offered. Please seek advice from your Course Directors.
  • The advantage of repeating failed units immediately is that much of the knowledge that you have already gained in those units is still with you. That knowledge will fade with the passing of time.
  • If the failed units are prerequisites to other units, you will not be permitted to enrol in those other units until you have passed the prerequisites.
  • You will normally be discouraged from enrolling in more than the normal 24 credit points of subject load unless there are good reasons to believe that there will be significant improvements in your study pattern. You will need to obtain approval from the Course Directors if you wish to overload.

Other potential complications

  • Timetable constraints may limit the choice of units or the number of units in which you can enrol.
  1. You will need to check that the units for which you enrol do not have clashes – please seek advice from Course Directors for your unit planning.
  2. Add and drop unit(s) if needed as early as possible and it should be before the second Friday of the respective semester. Check the principal dates for the deadlines and the effects on your fees and academic record (academic transcript) when you add/discontinue a unit at a certain time period.
  • Unit offerings: A particular unit may only be offered once a year (semester 1 or 2 and not both). Therefore, it may not be now possible to complete the course in minimum time.
  • Failing to meet Pre-requisite and/or Co-requisite unit requirements will not allow you to progress according to the normal course structure.