Unit Offerings 2022


*    First Year Engineering
*    Chemical Engineering
*    Civil Engineering
*    Software Engineering
*    Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
*    Mechanical Engineering
*    Mechatronics Engineering

First Year Engineering

Unit CodeUnit TitleCredit PointSemester 1Semester 2October intakeRemarks
ENG1011 Engineering methods 6cp Yes Yes Yes  
ENG1012 Engineering Design 6cp Yes Yes   
ENG1013 Engineering smart systems 6cp Yes Yes Yes 
ENG1014Engineering Numerical Analysis6cpYesYesYes 
ENG1005Engineering Mathematics  6cp Yes Yes Yes  
ENG1090Foundation mathematics6cpYesYesYes 
PHS1002 Physics for engineering 6cp Yes   Yes  
CHM1051 Chemistry I advanced 6cp Yes Yes Yes  
FIT1047Introduction to computer system, networks, and security6cpYesYesYes 
FIT1051Programming fundamentals in java. 6cpYesYesYes 
ENG1811Engineering design: Automated, integrated and connected world6cpYesYes  
ENG2801 Leadership and innovation 6cp Yes Yes   
ENG1021 Spatial communication in engineering 6cp   Yes   
ENG2005Advanced engineering mathematics 6cp Yes Yes   
MAT1830Discrete mathematics for computer science6cpYesYesYes 

Chemical Engineering

Unit CodeUnit TitleCredit PointSemester 1Semester 2October intakeRemarks
CHE2161 Mechanics of fluids 6cp   Yes   
CHE2162 Material and energy balances 6cp   Yes   
CHE2163 Heat and mass transfer 6cp   Yes   
CHE2166 Introduction to Process Simulation 6cp   Yes   
CHE2164 Thermodynamics I 6cp Yes    
CHE2167 Process material selection 6cp Yes    
CHE2871 Biochemistry for engineers 6cp Yes    
ENG4701Final year project A Yes Yes Yes 
CHE2873Introduction to chemical processes6cpYes   
CHE3162 Process control 6cp   Yes   
CHE3164 Reaction engineering 6cp   Yes   
CHE3166 Process design 6cp   Yes   
CHE3171 Bioprocess technology 6cp   Yes   
CHE3172 Nanotechnology and materials 1 6cp   Yes   
CHE3161 Chemistry and chemical thermodynamics 6cp Yes    
CHE3165 Separation processes 6cp Yes    
CHE3167 Transport phenomena & numerical methods 6cp Yes    
CHE3163 Sustainable processing I 6cp Yes    
ENG4702Final year project B 6cp Yes Yes  
CHE4170 Design project 12cp   Yes   
CHE4171 Biochemical engineering 6cp   Yes   
CHE4172 Nanotechnology and materials 2 6cp Yes Yes   
CHE4161 Engineer in society 6cp Yes    
CHE4173 Sustainable processing 2 6cp Yes   
CHE4162 Particle technology 6cp Yes Yes   

Civil Engineering

Unit CodeUnit TitleCredit PointSemester 1Semester 2October intakeRemarks
CIV2235 Structural materials                  6cp  Yes  
CIV2242 Geomechanics 1                                           6cp   Yes   
CIV2206 Structural mechanics                                      6cp Yes    
CIV2263 Water systems             6cp Yes    
CIV2282 Transport and traffic engineering                     6cp Yes   
CIV2283Civil engineering construction6cpYes   
CIV3204 Engineering investigation 6cp   Yes   
CIV3221 Building structures and technology 6cp  Yes  
CIV3247 Geomechanics II                                           6cp   Yes   
CIV3283Road engineering 6cp  Yes  
CIV3248 Groundwater and environmental geomechanics 6cp Yes    
CIV3285Engineering hydrology6cpYes   
CIV3294Structural design6cpYes   
CIV4234 Advanced structural analysis 6cp Yes    
CIV4284 Transport systems 6cp Yes    
CIV4268Water resources management 6cp Yes  
CIV4283Transport planning6cp Yes  
CIV4280Bridge design and assessment      
ENG4701Final year project A6cpYesYes  
ENG4702Final year project B6cpYesYes  
CIV4211 Project B 6cp Yes  
CIV4212 Civil and environmental engineering practice  6cp   Yes   
CIV4288Water Treatment6cp Yes  
CIV4249 Foundation engineering 6cp   Yes   
CIV4286Project Management for Civil Engineers 6cpYes   
CIV4261 Integrated urban water management 6cp Yes    

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

Unit CodeUnit TitleCredit PointSemester 1Semester 2October intakeRemarks
ECE2071 Computer organisation and programming 6cp Yes    
ECE2072 Digital systems 6cp   Yes   
ECE2191 Probability models in engineering 6cp   Yes   
ECE3121 Engineering electromagnetics 6cp   Yes   
ECE2111 Signals and systems 6cp Yes   
ECE2131 Electrical circuits 6cp Yes    
ECE3141 Information and networks 6cp Yes    
ECE3073 Computer Systems 6cp Yes    
ECE4132Control system design6cp Yes  
ECE4808Organic electronics and micro devices6cp Yes  
ECE4809Solid state lighting 6cp Yes  
ECE4810Internet of Things: Communication, Data and Security6cp Yes  
ECE4078Intelligent robotics 6cp Yes  
ECE3161Analogue electronics6cpYes   
ECE4076Computer vision 6cpYes   
ECE4179Neural networks and deep learning 6cp Yes   
ECE4191Engineering integrated design 6cp Yes  
ECE4122Advanced electromagnetics6cp Yes  
ECE4053 Electrical Energy - Generation and Supply 6cp Yes    
ECE3051Electrical energy system 6cpYes   
ENG4701Final year project A6cpYesYes  
ENG4702Final year project B6cpYesYes  
ECE4095 Project B 6cp Yes Yes   
ECE5886Smart grids 6cp   Yes   
ECE4075Real time embedded systems6cpYes   
ECE4099 Professional practice 6cp Yes    

Mechanical Engineering

Unit CodeUnit TitleCredit PointSemester 1Semester 2October intakeRemarks
MEC2404 Mechanics of fluids  6cp Yes Yes   
MEC2405 Thermodynamics 6cp Yes Yes   
MEC2407 Electromechanics 6cp   Yes   
MEC2401 Dynamics I 6cp Yes    
MEC2402 Engineering design I 6cp Yes    
MEC2403 Mechanics of materials 6cp Yes    
MEC3448Advanced engineering technologies6cpYes   
MEC3416 Engineering design II 6cp   Yes   
MEC3453 Dynamics II 6cp Yes Yes  
MEC3457 Systems and control 6cp   Yes   
MEC3458 Experimental project 6cp   Yes   
MEC3828Biomedical engineering and healthcare system 6cp Yes  
MEC4426Computer-aided design6cp Yes  
MEC3451Fluid mechanics II 6cp Yes    
MEC3455Solid mechanics 6cpYes   
MEC3456Engineering computational analysis6cpYes   
MEC3800Introduction to Reliability Engineering6cpYes   
MEC4801 Non-destructive testing and inspection  6cp Yes    
ENG4701Final year project A6cpYesYes  
ENG4702Final year project B6cpYesYes  
MEC4407 Engineering design III 6cp   Yes   
MEC4444 Industrial noise and control 6cp  Yes  
MEC4804Energy material 6cp Yes  
MEC4404 Professional practice 6cp Yes    
MEC4408Thermodynamic and heat transfer6cpYes   
MEC4417 Refrigeration and air conditioning 6cp Yes    
MEC4802 Sustainable engineering and design with nanomaterials 6cp Yes   
MEC4803 Internal combustion engines 6cp Yes    
MEC5885 Energy efficiency and sustainability 6cp Yes   
MEC5886 Sustainable energy technologies 6cp   Yes   

Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

Unit CodeUnit TitleCredit PointSemester 1Semester 2October intakeRemarks
TRC2001 Introduction to systems engineering 6cp   Yes   
TRC2201 Mechanics 6cp   Yes   
TRC3200 Dynamical systems 6cp Yes    
TRC3600 Modelling and control 6cp   Yes   
TRC4802Thermo-fluids and power systems6cp Yes  
TRC3000 Mechatronics project II 6cp   Yes   
TRC3500 Sensors and artificial perception 6cp Yes    
ENG4701Final year project A6cpYesYes  
ENG4702Final year project B6cpYesYes  
TRC4001 Mechatronics final year project II 6cp Yes    
TRC4800 Robotics 6cp   Yes   
TRC5901 Advanced artificial intelligence 6cp  Yes  
TRC4902Mechatronics and manufacturing 6cp Yes  

Software Engineering

Unit CodeUnit TitleCredit PointSemester 1Semester 2October intakeRemarks
FIT2101Software engineering process and management6cp Yes  
FIT2107 Software quality and testing 6cp   Yes   
FIT2085Introduction to computer science for engineers6cpYesYesYes 
FIT2099 Object oriented design & implementation 6cp Yes Yes  
MAT1830 Discrete mathematics for computer science 6cp Yes Yes Yes 
FIT2004Algorithms & data structures6cpYesYes  
FIT2093Introduction to cyber security 6cpYes   
FIT3170Software engineering practice12cpYesYes  
FIT3077Software engineering: Architecture and design6cpYes   
FIT2100Operating systems6cp Yes  
FIT3159Computer architecture6cpYes   
FIT4002Software engineering studio project12cpYes   
FIT4003Software engineering research project12cp Yes  
FIT4165Computer networks6cpYes   
Sofware Engineering Electives     
FIT2081Mobile application development6cpYes   
FIT3175Usability 6cp Yes  
FIT3179Data visualisation 6cp Yes  
FIT3080Intelligent systems6cp Yes  
FIT3143Parallel computing6cp Yes  
FIT5202Data processing for big data 6cp Yes   
FIT3081Image processing 6cp Yes   
FIT3152Data analytics6cpYes   
FIT4009Advanced topics in intelligent systems6cp Yes  
FIT3003Business intelligence and data warehousing 6cp Yes   
FIT3181Deep learning6cp Yes  
FIT3183Malicious AI and dark side security 6cp Yes  

Important notes

  • The elective offerings are subject to change based on student enrolment numbers.