High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing


The High Performance Computing (HPC) research infrastructure was established in Monash University Malaysia to support research, providing powerful computing services that can reduce computing jobs taking several days to just a few hours.

It is composed of one master node (1×8 Core E5-2650 v2, 24GB Memory), twelve compute notes (2×8 Core E5-2650 v2, 256GB Memory) with a total of 192 processor cores, and is efficiently coupled with a disk storage system of 20 TB in capacity.

It is currently used for research in the (but not limited to) following fields of study, i.e., from computer vision, image processing, optical network, machine learning, pattern recognition, combustion, turbulent flow, nanomaterials, genomes analysis, to disease association studies.

Rules of the HPC Research Infrastructure

Overview of the HPC


Category Charges (RM per CPU hour)
(a) Monash staff/ GRS Free
(b) Monash staff/ GRS using external grant 0.05
(c) External user 0.2


Further inquiry and booking, please contact the following person(s):

A/Prof Edwin Tan Chee Pin
Email address: tan.chee.pin@monash.edu
Tel no: +603 5514 6205

Azmath Ali (HPC Engineer)
Email address: azmath.ali@monash.edu
Tel no: +603 5514 6205

Location:  ITS Server Room, Building 9 Level 5