Intelligent Lighting Laboratory (ILL)

Intelligent Lighting Lab

ILL - the Intelligent Lighting Laboratory - is working to develop lighting systems which are human-centric with a focus on the human user experience and well-being. ILL forms a part of the Center for Green Electronics at the School of Engineering, which is a multidisciplinary platform for research focusing on Solid State Lighting (SSL), Visible Light Communications  (VLC), Spectral Imaging and Micro and Nano Device fabrication.

The ILL will be able to serve as  a full-scale lighting laboratory with facilities for photometric characterization of luminaires, spectral measurement of illumination, a light profiling system, a closed-loop controller for lights with wireless control, spectral Imaging and a VLC test bench.

The ILL is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment such as spectrophotometers, integrating spheres, light booths, spectral imaging equipment, multi-spectral camera, tunable light sources, wirelessly controlled lighting systems, clean room fabrication facility and a VLC test setup.

Areas of Research


Staff (Internal Collaborators)

External Collaborators

No. of HDR/FYP Students Involved

Visual and Non-visual Quality of Light

Dr Vineetha Kalavally (ECSE)
Mr Nader Kamrani (Mechatronics)
Assoc. Prof Alexandre Shaefer, School of Business, Neurobusiness laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Shamsul Haque, School of Medicine

Prof. Jussi Parkkinen, University of Eastern Finland OSRAM


University of Eastern Finland


Design of LED luminaire

Dr. Vineetha Kalavally (ECSE)
Mr. Nader Kamrani (Mechatronics)



Epitaxy Research

Prof. Soh Ai Kah (Mechanical)
Dr. Pooria Pasbakhsh (Mechanical)
Dr. Chang Wei Sea (Mechanical)
Dr. Varghese Swamy (Mechanical)
Dr. Chai Siang Piao (Chemical)

Dr. Shuhaimi (University of Malaya)



Light Profiling

Dr. Vineetha Kalavally (ECSE)

Prof. Shanta Rajaratnam, 

Sleep Research Centre, Monash University Australia


Spectral Imaging

Dr. Kuang Ye Chow (ECSE)
Dr. Sharifah Hassan (Medicine)
Dr. Khoo Joo Joon (Medicine)

Evolution of LED Technology in Malaysia

Dr. Rajendran Parthiban (ECSE)
Dr. Alexendre Schaefer (Business)
Dr. Joel Moore (Arts & Social Science)
Dr. Miriam Park (Medicine)

Prof. Jussi Parkkinen, University of Eastern Finland OSRAM


Micro and Nano devices – SSL-based mask aligner for MEMS fabrication

Dr. N. Ramakrishnan (ECSE)
Dr. N. Ramanan (ECSE)
Dr. Varghese Swamy (Mechanical)
Dr. Vineetha Kalavally

Dr. Lee Hing Wah, MIMOS
Prof. Jussi Parkinnen, University of Eastern Finlnad


Electronics cooling

Dr. Lau Ee Von (Mechanical)
Dr. Tan Ming Kwang (Mechanical)



Effect of Blue Light on Concentration Sports


National Institute of Sports, Malaysia

Effect of Lighting on the well-being of visually impaired

Dr. Vineetha Kalavally

Prof. Pichayada, University of Chulalongkong, Thailand
Prof. Alain Tremeu, University of Jean Monnet, St.Etienne, France


Visible Light Communications

Dr. Rajendran Parthiban (ECSE)
Dr. Bakul Masuduzzaman (ECSE)
Dr. Vineetha Kalavally

Dr.Tan Chin Seong, MMU


Lighting Control based on recognition of facial expression

Dr. Mohamed Hisham   


Integrating Spheres

Integrating Spheres

Light Booths for Psychophysical Tests

Multispectral Camera

Tunable Light Source

Telelumen Light Replicator

Wirelessly Controlled Lighting Systems

Custom built Mock Living Room with spectrally controlled luminaireCustom built Mock Living Room with spectrally controlled luminaire

Clean Room Fabrication Facility

Clean room fabrication facility

Visible Light Communications (VLC) Test Bed

Visible Light Communications Test Bed

Collaboration/Service Requests

If you are interested in collaboration or using the facilities at the Intelligent Lighting Laboratory, please contact us.

A/Prof Tan Chee Pin (Edwin)
E-mail: Tel: (+603) 5514 6205

Dr Vineetha Kalavally
E-mail: Tel: (+603) 5514 6253


Level 8, Building 5A,
Monash University MalaysiaJalan Lagoon Selatan
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