Research infrastructure

Research Infrastructure

We offer specialised facilities, to keep you ahead of the game. You’ll have access to innovative, high performance computing, intelligent lighting and nanoanalytics.

Nano-Analytical Platform (NAP)

The Nano-Analytical Platform (NAP) was established to promote research excellence for nanoscale analysis by supporting a wide variety of multidisciplinary and cutting-edge research. Equipped with six state-of-the art analytical equipment, we provide nanoscale analysis services for industries, research institutions and universities.

Intelligent Lighting Laboratory (ILL)

ILL - the Intelligent Lighting Laboratory - is working to develop lighting systems which are human-centric with a focus on the human user experience and well-being. ILL forms a part of the Center for Green Electronics at the School of Engineering, which is a multidisciplinary platform for research focusing on Solid State Lighting (SSL), Visible Light Communications  (VLC), Spectral Imaging and Micro and Nano Device fabrication.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

The High Performance Computing (HPC) research infrastructure was established in Monash University Malaysia to support research, providing powerful computing services that can reduce computing jobs taking several days to just a few hours.