Postgraduate research opportunity

Engineering Research Opportunities for PhD/Masters (Research)

The School of Engineering presents various research opportunities for potential PhD/Masters(Research) students. The list below shows a non-exhaustive list of the research projects our researchers are undertaking. Contact the respective researcher to discuss about the opportunity.

Chemical Engineering
Supervisor Tentative Title/ Area of Research Stipend Available Eligibility Criteria
Professor Chai Siang PiaoAdvanced photocatalysis for environmental and sustainable energy productionYesCGPA>3.67
Visible-light-driven photocatalysis for disinfection of microbesYesCGPA>3.67
A/Prof Chong Meng Nan 1. Z-scheme Photocatalytic System for Chemicals Synthesis Yes CGPA>3.00
2. Next-generation Supercapacitor and Battery Materials for Energy Applications Yes CGPA>3.00
3. Functional Thin Films for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction and Water Splitting Yes CGPA>3.00
4. Bioelectrochemical System for Green Energy Production and Chemical Synthesis Yes CGPA>3.00
A/Prof Edward Ooi Chien WeiMolecular dynamics simulation studies of thermostabilization of industrially important proteins by cholinium-based ionic liquidsYesMalaysia only,
Ir Dr Lee Chern LeingFabricating a superhydrophobic nanocomposite coating via simple spray coating methodYesMalaysia only, CGPA>3.00
Dr. Chew Mei Leng (Irene)1.Synthesis of carbonaceous green catalystYesCGPA>3.67
2. Smart manufacturing of green materials using neuroevolution algorithmYesCGPA>3.67
Dr. Patrick Tang Siah Ying1. Nanoparticle-stabilized Pickering Emulsions as Novel Consumer-friendly Nutraceutical Delivery SystemYesMalaysia only,
2. Self-healing Rubber with Tunable Mechanical PropertiesYesMalaysia only,
Dr. Estee Yong1. Direct Carbon Fuel CellYesCGPA>3.00
2. Functionalized Hollow Fiber for Hemodialysis
Civil Engineering
Supervisor Tentative Title/ Area of Research Stipend Available Eligibility Criteria
Dr SusilawatiShared Autonomous Vehicles to Assist in Solving Public Transport First-Mile and Last-Mile ConnectivityYesCGPA>3.00 (2nd Class Upper or above)
Dr. Ali RashidiBIM-based Virtual Reality Platform for Building Inspection Process at Industrialized Light-Steel Building ProjectsYesMalaysia only,
Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Supervisor Tentative Title/ Area of Research Stipend Available Eligibility Criteria
Dr Liang Shiuan-NiControl of cardiac alternans in spatially extended systemsYesMalaysia only,
H1 (First Class) / H2A (Second Class Upper)
Dr. Charles Raymond SarimuthuInvestigation Of On-Load Tap Changer Transformer Operation For Voltage Control In Distribution Network With Renewable Energy SourcesYesMalaysia only,
CGPA > 3.00
Dr. Tridib SahaNovel Electrode Designs for Langasite Crystal Sensors Operating in Harsh EnvironmentsYesMalaysia only,
H1 (First Class) / H2A (Second Class Upper) 
Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor Tentative Title/ Area of Research Stipend Available Eligibility Criteria
Dr. Surya NurzamanDevelopment and analysis of soft gripper based mobile manipulator for older adultsYes (Available for one year)H1 (First Class) / H2A (Second Class Upper)
Dr. Lau Ee Von1. Interactions of multiple bubbles in the flotation technology to enhance oil recoveryNo CGPA>3.00
2. Graphene Oxide Coated Microbubbles for Co-Adsorption of PollutantsNoCGPA>3.00
3. Demulsification of Oil-in-Water Emulsions using Superhydrophobic Graphene Oxide Coated SandNoCGPA>3.00
Dr. Ooi Ean Hin

1. Development of Scale-Up Model of Human Eye Anterior Chamber for Aqueous Humour Hydrodynamic Analysis

2. A computational study on shearwave elastography of human kidneyYesCGPA>3.00
3. Fundamental study of thermochemical ablation: a numerical approachYesCGPA>3.67
Mechatronics Engineering
Supervisor Tentative Title/ Area of Research Stipend Available Eligibility Criteria
Professor Rajendran Parthiban1. Internet of Things using Visible Light Communications Yes CGPA>3.67
2. AI in Optical Wireless CommunicationYesCGPA>3.67
A/Prof Tan Chee Pin (Edwin)

Modelling and state estimation and its application to

  1. soft robotics
  2. SOC/SOH estimation of batteries
  3. crowd monitoring
  4. autonomous vehicle control
  5. industrial processes
Yes (CGPA >3.67 only)CGPA>3.00

Last update: 19 July 2019

Monash Graduate Research Merit Scholarships

Round 2020 applications are closed

Scholarship Round


Round 1/2020

2 December 2019 (Closed)

Round 2/2020

30 March 2020 (Closed)

Round 3/2020

15 June 2020 (Closed) -Malaysian Students Only-


For all research degrees in priority areas of research at Monash University Malaysia.


Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements (academic and English language proficiency) for the relevant research degree. In general, this is equivalent to a high distinction average (H1/H1E or First Class Honours as per MGE's assessment at admission) from a recognised university. Selection for a scholarship will be based on academic achievement, research publications (ISI papers preferred) and research experience or research related awards.

Applicant is also responsible to make contact with potential supervisors to express an interest in one of their projects or to discuss potential projects. You can find the profiles of the lecturers in our Research Profile.

Scheme Availability & Benefits

Each scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees, plus a living allowance as follows:

Master of Engineering Science (Research) - RM2,600/month (up to 24 months of candidature).

Doctor of Philosophy - RM2,600/month (up to 42 months of candidature).

Important Notes

Prospective scholarship applicants fulfilling the scholarship criteria/eligibility should submit their application online via:

Higher Degree by Research Scholarship Application Form (School of Engineering) 2020

All evidence submission must be uploaded together with the form.

Please note that all applications for this scholarship should be made after an offer letter for admission to Monash University Malaysia has been received. Applications will be made using Higher Degree by Research Enquiry and Admissions Management System (HigherDREAMS). Kindly contact the School Research Office and we will guide you through the process.

Documentations required to evaluate scholarship applicants must be uploaded by attaching it in the Google Form.

If interested, you should contact the Supervisor directly to discuss further on the project that interests you. You will find details of the researchers working in your field of interest from this link:-

Our School's Research Profile can be found here.

For information on the fees, click here.

For any further inquiries, you may contact:

Research Office, School of Engineering, Monash Malaysia (Sunway)