Teaching & learning

Our campus at Bandar Sunway was built with the specific teaching and learning needs of our students and staff in mind. Apart from shared resources such as the Library and Learning Commons, IT facilities and modern teaching spaces, each of our outstanding schools has specialist infrastructure to support innovative teaching and world-class research.

Teaching facilities

Classes at Monash University Malaysia include lectures in the following spaces:

  • two large auditoriums (350 people each)
  • a 150-capacity plenary theatre
  • three medium lecture theatres (150 students each)
  • six smaller theatres (120 students each).

Tutorials and workshops take place in modern teaching spaces that support small-group discussion and interaction.

School facilities

Arts and social sciences

Our arts and social sciences students have access to specialised working areas, including a state-of-the-art radio and TV studio and laboratories for multimedia, journalism and communications.


Facilities for our business students include specialised resource areas, such as the Islamic Banking and Finance resource centre, a trading room to practise working with the stock market and a neurobusiness laboratory to study how consumers make decisions. An extensive network of online resources also links our classes to contemporary global developments.


Our students have access to 24 sophisticated labs for practical, experimental and research work in such areas as robotics, computer systems, network and signals, electrical power, solar power, applied mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, physics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, chemical engineering and sports physiology.

Information technology

Our students have access to laboratories dedicated to IT teaching and research. We also have a networking lab and a specialised multimedia teaching lab.

Medicine and health sciences

Our students learn in state-of-the-art histopathology and anatomy labs and well-equipped learning suites. Specialist equipment includes live-cell and single-cell imaging microscopes.

Our medical research clusters include research labs for cancer research, toxicology, infectious diseases, diabetes and endocrinology, and epidemiology. The Brain Research Institute at Monash Sunway campus (BRIMS) is one of the region's leading neuroscience institutes and the University's neuroscience research hub.

Our Clinical School in the grounds of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru offers a clinical skills lab, specimen lab, pathology resource room, library, student common area, open learning centre and a 70-seat lecture theatre.


We make extensive use of new technologies in our pharmacy teaching programs, such as our Virtual Practice Environment, where students learn in authentic clinical  situations.


We boast 40 science labs for teaching and research at Sunway. They include a herbarium and labs for applied immunology and pathology, animal and plant tissue culture, genetics, microbiology, human physiology and biochemistry.

More than 70 other rooms provide support to the labs. They include an animal house, tissue culture and cold rooms and spaces for specialised instruments and photomicroscopy.