iUM Disrupt 2019 Hackathon

Bachelor of Software Engineering students champions in iUM Disrupt 2019 Hackathon

Over the March 9 to March 10 weekend, two of our students have participated in the iUM Disrupt 2019 Hackathon (https://www.facebook.com/iumdisrupt/) held in University Malaya which include sponsors such as CREST.
It is with pleasure to announce that they have emerged champion, netting a nice RM1,000.00 prize along the way; beating 59 other teams to the main prize. The team consists of:
  1. Alvin Tan Jian Jia (Bachelor of Software Engineering, Monash University Malaysia)
  2. Joey Lau Zhe Yu (Bachelor of Software Engineering, Monash University Malaysia)
  3. Tee Kai Feng (Actuarial Science, UTAR)
  4. Connie Yew (Financial Mathematics, UTAR)
  5. Kok Fung (Actuarial Science, UTAR)

The goal of their solution for the hackathon was to detect depression from human speech. This was made possible through the sentiment analysis of audio files that were processed into spectograms. In order to accomplish this, the students employed neural networks in their solution. It is quite a feat to accomplish all this within the hackathon itself.

Once again, congratulations to the students for their accomplishments, displaying the the prowess of Monash in hackathons as well as fostering collaboration with other organizations.