School Operational Plan 2020- 2022

Strategic GoalsKey ObjectivesMeasuresTargetsAccountability
1. Improve Quality of Education and Student OutcomesIncrease the number of commencing students UG 5% p.a MBIS 15%DHOS, AHOS-E, Course Coordinators, Academics
Students’ academic outcomes, as measured by progression, retention and average marks, are comparable to Faculty’s measures. On par or better than the FacultyDHOS, AHOS-E, Course Coordinators
Achieve success in external design competitions 1 international and 1 national competition awardStudent Competition Coordinator
2. Increase Educational InnovationIncrease the percentage of units offered at Monash Malaysia meet University-wide SETU standards >75% units with SETU Q8 of at least 3.8AHOS-E, Course Coordinators, Academics
Emphasize on education innovation in units20% unitsPerformance supervisors
3. Expand Undergraduate OfferingsIntroduce more specialisations in computer science programAt least one more specialisation in BCSAHOS-E

4. Excellence in Research

Increase number of active external grants

Increase number of large grants (>RM500k) (e.g. TRGS, LRGS, flagship programs, TechnoFund, CREST, Horizon, NF)

Increase number of industry, private and international funding

Increase quantity, quality and high impact publications

Increase the proportion of quality publications with external co-authors

Increase quantity and quality of graduate research students

Improve campus MyRA

Core performance indicators CPI'111

Overall composite CPI'111 > 50%

CPI'1 external grant > 80%

CPI'1 ISI Q1/Q2 > 75%

CPI'1 GRS student>50%

AHOS-R, Academics

AHOS-R, Academics

AHOS-R, Academics

GRS Coordinator, Academics

i) Number of external grant applications

ii) Grants awarded amount

iii) % staff holding an external grant
> 90% T&R staff submitted grant application
> RM32k/staff  and > RM 1 million for the whole school
AHOS-R, RM, EEM, Academics
Number of submission for large grant application (>RM500K)≥ 1 grant applicationAHOS-R, RM, Academics
Number of successful awarded grants≥ 1 successful industry / international grantAHOS-R, Academics, EEM
Number of high quality and high impact publications and citations> 2 ISI-papers per staff
> 1 Q1-paper per staff
Increase number of citations by 10% p.a.
AHOS-R, Academics
i) International co-authors

ii) Co-authorship (MyRA) or publication published with industry

iii) Co-publications with external stakeholder- with non-Monash Unversity staff. (publication are based on indexed in WOS/SCOPUS/ERA)
Increase by 10% p.a.AHOS-R, Academics
Number of postgraduate students enrolled, externally support, on-time completion and research outputMaintain full capacity 30 GRS
> 70% on-time completion
< 2 withdrawals
> > 25 ISI Q1/Q2 journal papers contributed by students
> 30% of GRS funded externally (Ext grants / industry support)
 > 10% increase in high quality (H1 or first class) admissions
Increase commencing enrolment by 15% p.a. or as per load target
Timely submission of thesis by 20% p.a
GRS Coordinator, Academics
Improve campus MyRA scores by 5 points p.a.increase 5 points p.a.AHOS-R, GRS Coordinator, RM

5. Talent Enhancement

High calibre research active staff in key research focused areas

Research and Teaching staff (EFT) meet research performance standards approved by campusIncrease external research funding performance standards by 5% p.a.
Increase publications performance standards by 5% p.a.
Graduate Research supervision performance standards by 5% p.a.
AHOS-R, GRS Coordinator, Academics
Implement the Monash University Malaysia Talent Management Strategy 2020-2022. To fill up available vacancies in Level B/C/D DHOS, AHOS-R, AHOS-E

6.  Excellent Career Development Environment

Develop and deliver excellence career development opportunities to academic and professional staff

Provide staff development opportunities for academic and professional staff

OSP, conferences, workshop, training, mentoring scheme etc.


1. Strengthen the Monash Student Mobility Program

Increase Opportunities for Inbound and Outbound Student Mobility, including International Internships

Ensure students to have international study experience50% of studentsSEEM
Expand outbound and inbound student mobility programsIntroduce a short term program offering for inbound students
Design course progression maps for outbound students
SEEM, Course Manager

2.  International Networks and Partnerships

Increase international research income

Fosten collaboration between Faculty of IT and School of IT

Increase international research income5% p.a.AHOS-R, Academics
Establish international partnerships in terms of GRS supervision and research collaborationEstabllish these clearlyAHOS-R, GRS Coordinator, RM

1.  Increase Involvement of Industry in Education programs

Introduce a scheme to enrich student learning via strong government, industry and alumni engagement

Establish industry partner programs with at least five top movers and shakers per discipline.

5 for Computer Science (At least 1 in AI, 1 in Data Science, 1 in Security, 1 in IoT), 3 for Software Engineering, 2 for Information Systems

External Engagement Coordinator, EEM

2. Increase Opportunities for Leadership and Enterprising Skills Development

Scale up existing leadership program to enable students to enhance their leadership and enterprising skills.

Enhance learning through various student engagement programs

20% of students


3. Innovation, Commercialisation Effort, Industry Collaborations

Support and increase commercialisation effort

Increase industry grants and contract research projects
General of IPs, commercialisation activities 5% p.a. or 1 IP per yearAHOS-R, Academics
Industry research income Achieve at least 1 contracted research by industry/other parties AHOS-R, Academics

1. Develop an Alumni Engagement Plan for Education

Ensure Alumni are included in the industry advisory panel1 alumni per program External Engagement Coordinator, SEE

2. Improve Gender Balance of Academic Staff and Students

Encourage more female students and staff in the School
Increase the proportion of female teaching and research staff 30%DHOS, AHOS-S
Increase the percentage of female students 25% AHOS-E, Academics

3. Connection and Belonging

Advancing ECR research career

Increase diversity

Mentorship and support for early career  researcher  (ECR)Provide adequete resources and support for ECR AHOS-R, RM
Identify champions to contribute to campus diversity strategy. 1 staff DHOS


  • HOS: HOS Head of School
  • DHoS: Deputy Head of School
  • AHoS-E: Associate Head of School (Education)
  • AHoS-R: Associate Head of School (Research)
  • GRS Coordinator: Graduate Research Student Coordinator
  • SSM: Senior School Manager
  • EM: Education Manager
  • RM: Research Manager
  • LM: Lab Manager
  • CM: Course Manager
  • OBE: Outcome Based Education
  • CQI: Continuous Quality Improvement