Mr Leong Kuan Yew


Room No. 2-4-02, School of Information Technology

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Tel: +603 5514 6000


K.Y. Leong is currently pursuing his PhD at Monash University Malaysia under a scholarship. His research project focuses mainly on the assistive technology in mobility for the visually impaired people. Between, he is also a sessional lecturer cum tutor in the School of IT. Prior to joining Monash for the PhD study, he was a lecturer and programme leader at KDU University College. In his lecturing profession, K.Y. Leong conducts mainly computing related courses. 

K.Y. Leong is passionate in computing & IT research. In his previous works, he had researched on information entropy, decision tree, medical data classification, genetic algorithms, function optimization and embedded system. He is particularly interested in using machine learning approach to solve computing problems. He also likes to develop solutions to automate daily activities. His current research explores ubiquitous operating systems, microprocessors, wearable sensors, and human-robot interaction.   

Apart from computing, he has a very specialised skill in developing people. He is a certified corporate trainer by PSMB Train The Trainer Certification Programme, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. He conducts mainly soft-skill training and teambuilding. With his keen interest in psychology, linguistics, cognitive semantics and human mind-body-emotion system, he explored deeper into these disciplines, and earned himself some certifications in Neuro-Semantics©, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Hypnosis & Timelines Therapy from International Society of Neural-Semantics, USA. Since 2012, he has started motivational workshop with NLP techniques to numerous government schools at Klang Valley. To date, he has conducted nearly 100 sessions of training - focusing development programme, classroom management and counselling techniques for teachers and counsellors.

At his spare time, he likes writing article, devising terrarium and cooking.


*Master of Science in Business Information Technology, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

*Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons), University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia.

Human-Robot Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded System, Mathematical Modelling, Affective Computing & Robotics.

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