Dr Mohammad Reza Zare


Room No. 2-4-32, School of Information Technology

Contact Details

Tel: +603 5514 4433

Email: mohammad.reza@monash.edu

Dr. Reza is a lecturer attached to the School of Information Technology, Monash University, Malaysia Campus. Previously, he worked as a senior IT lecturer in school of Information Technology, Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College for four years.

Dr. Reza also worked as an IT Lecturer and Program Coordinator for the capacity of two years in School of Computer Science, Olympia College, Malaysia. He also served as a research assistant in Department of Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Malaya, in the field of Content-based Image Retrieval.

Dr. Reza is also interested in community work, he was leading the Operation Enterprise training program which is designed by American Management Association for youth (high school and college students) during his tenure in Olympia College.


  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Malaya, Malaysia,
  • Master in Software Engineering, University of Malaya, Malaysia,
  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Multimedia University, Malaysia.
  • FIT1040 - Digital futures: Adventures in programming
  • FIT1004 - Data management
  • FIT9131 Programming foundations
  • FIT9132 - Introduction to databases

Research interests

  • Information Retrieval,
  • Computer Vision,
  • Pattern Recognition,
  • Image processing,
  • Medical Image Processing and
  • Classification.


Article in Academic Journals

  • Lee, S.L., Zare M.R, (2017) Biomedical compound figure detection using deep learning and fusion technique, IET Image Processing, (in press)
  • Zare MR, Henning Muller (2017), Automatic Detection of Biomedical Compound Figure using Bag of Words, Int'l Journal of Computing, Communications & Instrumentation Engg, Volume 4, Issue 1.
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  • Zare MR, Mueen A, Woo CS, (2013), Automatic Classification of Medical X-ray Images using Bag of Visual Words , IET Computer Vision, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 105 – 114, DOI: 10.1049/iet-cvi.2012.0291 . (ISI cited)
  • Zare MR, Mueen A, Awedh M, Woo CS, (2013), Automatic Classification of Medical X-Ray Images: Hybrid Generative-Discriminative Approach, IET Image Processing, Volume 7, Issue 5, p. 523 – 532, DOI: 10.1049/iet-ipr.2013.0049. (ISI cited)
  • Zare MR, Woo CS, Mueen A, (2013), Automatic Classification of medical X-ray Images, Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp. 9-22. (ISI cited)

Conference Proceedings

  • Zare, M.R, Alebiosu, D., Lee, S.L., (2018) ,Comparision of handcrafted features and deep learning in classification of medical X-ray images , 4th International Conference on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management,, SCOPUS Index, in press
  • Zare MR, Henning Muller (2016 ), A Medical X-ray Classification and Retrieval System, Pacific Asia Conference in Information System (CORE Ranked 'A' ) PACIS 2016 Proceedings. 13.
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  • Zare MR , Woo, CS & Norfizlina, J. (2008), Comparative Analysis of Image Retrieval approaches, International Conference of Biomedical Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vol 21, pp 847-850.

Current Roles

Coordinator of Diploma of Higher Education Studies

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