Dr Ian K T Tan

Senior Lecturer
School of IT

+603 5514 4433
Room 2-4-43

Personal statement

Ian Tan is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Information Technology, Monash University Malaysia and serves on the Advisory Board of Teradata University Network. Prior to his academic appointments, he worked in various roles that provided him with a wide perspective of the technology industry, from microprocessor manufacturing, enterprise servers and storage solutions, broadcasting solutions, software development and telecommunications systems.

His current area of research is in multimedia analytics; ranging from plantation image analytics, information retrieval and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics.  He also has interest in the underlying technology of BlockChain. He is currently active in Palm Fruit Ripeness Classification (image analytics), Article Grading using SVM with feature engineering (text analytics), Recommender Systems (data analytics) and dynamic re-adjustment of difficulty for blockchain (BlockChain).

Ian holds a Ph.D. (I.T) from Multimedia University, an M.Sc. (Parallel Computers and Computation) from University of Warwick and a B.Eng. A.C.G.I. (Information Systems Engineering) from Imperial College London.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology, Multimedia University Malaysia, 2016
  • Master of Science (Parallel Computers and Computation), University of Warwick, UK, 1993
  • Degree in Information Systems Engineering, Imperial College London, UL, 1992

Research interests

I have a broad-based research interest in the area of analytics and distributed and parallel systems. For the analytics research, I would be keen if they are directly applicable to the industry and if there is an industry partner. The partner can either be a for profit organization or preferably one that provides some form of social service. For the distributed and parallel systems, my interest would be on the underlying algorithms or methods. Generally, they will be performance based improvements and has a clear measurement metrics. In summary, my interests are in

Applied Analytics

  • Text Analytics with NLP Pre-processing
  • Image Processing
  • Data Analytics for Churn, Segmentation and Propensity

OS and Network scheduling

BlockChain algorithm improvements

Research projects

Title: Automatic Grading of English Essays

Using a Kaggle Dataset of pre-labelled English articles, this project aims to enhance an SVM based automatic grading of English articles using a set of experts derived scoring system, in other words a hybrid machine learning and rule-based scoring system to automatically grade articles.  The final project is expected to be launched online as a service and further collect data to enhance the machine learning component.

Title: Palm Kernel Ripeness Classification using Spikiness and Empty Socket Features

This project aims to feature engineer the spikiness of the palm fruit bunch through edge detection and empty fruit kernel socket detection through shape detection.  Through these additional features, the accuracy of automatically classifying the ripeness of the palm fruit bunch can be improved. This project works with actual image data from an oil palm plantation.

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Local grants

  • Research, Development and Validation of Visual Cloud Systems Analytics Framework for Internet of Things Applications, See J.S.Y., Tan I.K.T., Wong L.K., Ho C.K., Ling T.C., Chan C.S., Liew C.S., Su M.T., Belaton B., Gan K.H., Chan H.Y., Mahinderjit M., Sumari P., Wong L.P., Kwong K.S., 2018 – 2021, Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST)
  • Learning Approaches with the Reparameterization of Proof-of-Work Protocols for BlockChain Consensus, Yap T.T.V., Ho C.C., Tong H.L., Ng H., Goh V.T., Tan I.K.T., 2018 - 2020, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
  • Context Aware Road Traffic Speech Information System from Social Media, Tan I.K.T., Poo K.H., Selvaretnam B., 2015 - 2017, Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST)
  • Video Analytics for Smart Cities (SHERLOCK), See J.S.Y., Wong L.K., Tan I.K.T., 2016 - 2018, Telekom Malaysia R&D Grant
  • Market Intelligence through Twitter Sentiment Analytics (MARTIAL), Ting, C.Y., Ho C.C., Tan I.K.T., Soon L.K., Poo K.H., Selvaretnam B., 2013 – 2015, Telekom Malaysia R&D Grant
  • OpenELEC TV for De N/D2x00 Based Motherboards, Tan I.K.T., Ho C.C., 2012, Intel (Kulim)
  • Developing an Enhanced Algorithm for Large File Transfers Between Two Geographically Separate Location, Ahmad I., Muthuvelu N., Tan I.K.T., 2009 - 2011, Intel
  • Improved File Transfer Method by using Hybrid ARIMA and ANN Models, Poo K.H., Tan I.K.T., Muthuvelu N., 2009 - 2011, Intel
  • Improved Scheduling Through Cache Affinity for Multicore Microprocessors, Tan I.K.T., Ewe H.T., 2007 - 2009, Intel
  • A Thread Fair Preferential Scheduling Algorithm for Linux, Tan I.K.T., Kumari R.D., 2007 - 2009, Intel

Current supervision

Ryan Lim Woei Sheng
Visual Monitoring and Analysis of Car Parks for Long-Term Video Surveillance
2016 - Present
Multimedia University

Md Mahedi Hassan
Enhancement for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Live Video Streaming Using Seamless Handover Under High Network Utilization
2014 - Present
Multimedia University

Chin Zi Hau
Learning Approaches with The Reparameterization of Proof-of-Work Protocols for Blockchain Consensus
2019 - Present
Multimedia University

Low Jia Ming
Artificial Intelligence Based Recommendation System for Financial Product
2018 - Present
Multimedia University

Completed supervision

Lim Cheng Yang
Reconciliation of Road User Semantic for Traffic State Inference
2015 - 2019
Multimedia University

Choo Jiun Yean
Trust and Influence Modelling in Social Media using Analytic Hierarchy Process
2014 - 2019
Multimedia University

Wong Chee Siang
Weighted Multithreaded Process-Fair Operating System Scheduler
Multimedia University

Lam Jun Wei
Cache-Aware Multi-Core Operation System Scheduler Design
Multimedia University

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